Beer Review: Murphy’s Draught Irish Stout

Last week, I bought a bottle of Guinness Foreign Extra. Not being a stout drinker, the extra strong Nigerian (no, seriously, this Guinness WAS imported from Nigeria of all places) overwhelmed me. In the sort of way an oil slick overwhelms a sea gull.

Reliably informed by television that a lot of people do like stout, I thought it was worth another try. This time, I opted for a bunch of Murphy’s Draught Irish Stout cans from Tesco. At £2.44p and costing less than water, I was already happy with the choice.

Then can the time to try it. At such a low price, I should have seen this coming. It was the cheap larger of the stout world. Right down to the bitter taste, watery consistency and generic alcohol odour. If you take the time to pour it into a glass, it does at least look the right colour. But don’t believe it. This is cheap larger dressed in black and wearing a white baseball cap.

That said, it is very cheap. And being cheap myself, I shall probably buy it again.

In conclusion, buy this if you are broke or want some variation on cheap supermarket larger.

Rating: 2

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3 Responses to “Beer Review: Murphy’s Draught Irish Stout”

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  2. jamlovely Says:

    try Beamish instead if you can find both from Cork both not bad I don’t agree with your review there, but then I’m a big stout drinker

  3. BRAZ Says:

    i agree with the watery bit… is a bit.the worst bit si you but them and expect the draught to be like the pub stuff no way is it.The little widget thing in the can always fails and it comes out like dark p*ss.

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