Beer Review: Tesco Imported Larger

FOLLOWING the stunning success of my first beer review (thank you to the 2 people who read it), a follow up seemed in order. This time, it’s a move up market (by a few pence to £2.49) to a 4-pack of Tesco Imported Larger.

This no-name brew from the Netherlands is an unremarkable 4% in volume. It also aims low by promising to be Clean, Crisp and Refreshing. Does it reach these lofty aims? I’d have to say mission accomplished. But that’s not saying much.

So long as you drink this cheap larger straight from the fridge, it is indeed crisp and refreshing. It’s also easy to drink a lot of it. All of this is no bad thing, but there’s more to it than that.

That bitter taste that all cheap largers have is there. Mind you, at this price, you’d better be expecting it. You’d also have to drink well over four cans to feel even modestly intoxicated. This is very weak stuff. And when you look at the helpfully clear ingredients, you begin to understand why. The chief ingredient is water. When you realise that, it becomes completely obvious – you are drinking water!

With this in mind, it is a mystery then, why this cheap watery drink makes you so thirsty. I know, I know, all alcoholic drinks make you at least a little bit dehydrated, but this takes it further than any I’ve had before. With this, you’d better have at least the same quantity of water nearby as you have of this larger. Unless you drink the same amount in water right afterwards, you’ll begin to feel very uncomfortable.

So there we have it. Cheap Tesco Imported Larger. Weak, watery and makes you thirsty, yet crisp, easy to drink and very cheap to buy. Buy it if you value quantity of quality, or if you are poor.

Rating: 1.5

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