Beer Review: Tesco Strong Dry Cider

TWO posts in one day? There’s a simple reason for suddenly becoming so prolific; I’ve got a lot to get through. It’s Christmas, which means I’ve been getting through much more than usual. I want to open the next bottle, but before I do, the last one I tried has to be reviewed first. So without further ado, let us begin a Bloggy Woggy first: a cider review.

Yet another Tesco own brand, this follows the patter we know and love; lots of quantity for a surprisingly minuscule price. £2.69 in this case for a gigantic 3 litre bottle. That’s around five pints worth cider. Or to put it another way, less than 54 pence per pint!

As far as taste goes, it’s hard to fault it. It’s everything it says it will be on it’s oversize exterior. It’s sweet. It’s refreshing. It’s dry, but not undrinkably so. And tastes, mildly of apples. Albeit, not as much of apples as some of the more premium ciders on the market, which did disappoint me somewhat.

What this strong, dry cider was not, was strong. At 5.3%, it simply didn’t have the kick of other ciders. And that disappointed me. I went through about three pints of this in rapid succession last night, but barely felt tipsy. Let alone like I had just drunk a substantial quantity of strong cider.

Trying to sum up this cider, is therefore a challenge. It tastes quite good and it is cheaper than air. But if it fails in the ‘getting you drunk quickly’ stakes, then what good is it? I would have to say, good enough. Buy it if you’re on a budget or for a drink the whole family can enjoy when you buy a take away or prepare a big family meal. The biggest problem you’ll have with this drink at family occasions is finding a place to store the fuel tanker sized bottle.

Rating: 3

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6 Responses to “Beer Review: Tesco Strong Dry Cider”

  1. alan Says:

    good, informative and made me laygh

  2. ashley Says:

    I am surprised with the negativity of the article. I love cider and drink it all the time. While the Tesco brand does indeed lack in the quality slightly when it comes to competing with the premium brands. It shouldn’t be compare with those in the first place. I payed £1.80 for four cans of great tasting cider that is 5.3 %. Even though its not of a premium quality, it is well worth the money spent and if anybody moans at such a bargain ten more fool them.

  3. argot15 Says:

    Have you seen the additives in this crap?

  4. Liam Tobin Says:

    They’ve stopped selling the three litre bottles. The barstewards!!!!

  5. Liam Tobin Says:

    I forgot, The cans taste the same but work out more expensive. More profit for Tesco I presume.

  6. James lee Marsden Says:

    Can’t beat tesco cider for value, to me it’s as nice tasting as strongbow (but not as nice as stella cidre) and you can buy shit loads even on a small budget, win win 🙂

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