Beer Review: Polish Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager

With untold numbers of Poles now living and working in Britain, it was inevitable that their foods and drinks would follow them. One such drink is Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager.
Bottle of Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager

Available from nearly every corner shop, off-licence and supermarket here in the East End, Tyskie is widely available. And on the face of it, not bad value either at around £1.35-ish for a 500 millilitre bottle. Interesting that 500ml is the only size available when most other imported beers come in at around the 300ml mark. Presumably there is some logic behind only importing this larger size to the UK. One this is for sure, it does stand out on the shelf next to smaller bottles from the rest of the world.

The white background labels also help make it eye-catching. The front label is both Polish and English in language and gives us some useful information. With heritage going back to 1629, this must be one of the oldest beers/breweries that I have yet tried. It is also an award winning beer. And unlike some other beers, this time we can see what and when: some five beer competitions over the past few years in Europe. Impressive.

Tyskie front label

Sadly, the rear label is rather less coherent. With several dozen different languages, the rear label becomes in impenetrable block of text.
Tyskie back label

After sending out a search party, the ingredients of water, malt and hops eventually turned up. A volume of 5.6% also turned up which definitely places it at the premium end of the continental lager spectrum.

Poured into a glass, the 500 millilitres came in just short of a pint. A thick head accompanied the drink. Whether that was because of my pouring or what was supposed to happen, I’m not certain. If you think it looks right or wrong, leave a comment.
Tyskie poured into a glass

The colour looked fine. It was dark gold-ish in colour. Is that what lager is supposed to look like? I don’t drink enough of it to know. What I could tell that was different to some others were the number of gas bubbles rapidly making their way to the surface. Likely the cause of the head, this could also make it a gassy drink.

Tyskie manages to smell as if it is premium. The malt and hops are there giving it some class, but nowhere near as prominently as Leffe. Starting to drink it, Tyskie Gronie lager tasted exactly how I thought lager should taste. It has that bitter taste and slightly sour aftertaste. Albeit, the aftertaste isn’t as strong as some others. And that is a good thing.

As I glugged my way through the bottle’s contents, my opinion started to change. I began thinking “this is a good, solid, decent lager”. Toward the end of the bottle, I had more than become used to the taste and was quite enjoying it. Unusual for me considering my indifference to lagers. This must be what makes Tyskie Gronie ‘premium’ and multiple award winning: drinkability.

Once you adjust to the taste, you’ll find Tyskie Gronie to be a good quality lager. Good if you like lagers. Maybe worth a try if you want to see what the fuss is about.

Rating: 3.5

Have you tried Tyskie Gronie? What did you think? What do you want me to try next?
Leave your comments in the usual place…

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26 Responses to “Beer Review: Polish Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager”

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  4. Patricia Says:

    Just had my first bottle of it (gift of a cool neighbor who works in the beer industry) and being a IPA fan, I too wasn’t sure if I would think much of this polish lager thing. But, it was good – and I also began to really enjoy it as the bottle came to it’s end. Thanks for posting about it

  5. fo sho tho Says:

    Greetings. Tyskie was delicious.

  6. Leo Says:

    Tyskie is a Polish Macro lager, brewed by Tyskie Brewery, which is owned by SABMiller. It has more than barely malt in it. I taste about 40% rice in the mash. It’s a typical bland macro brew.

    Almost everything produced by SABMiller is swill for the masses

  7. Steveo Says:

    Do not drink more than 2 of these, they leave an unsatisfactory taste.

  8. tafka pb Says:

    I found Tyskie earlier this year, loved it, and now it’s apparently no longer available in the U.S.

    I am bummed. Mail me some? 🙂

    • The Buzz Says:

      I be here in NY and we have plenty of it. The IGA Supermarkets carry it for now. They carry a few polish things here. I much prefer Lomza Malt though.

  9. Gav Powers Says:

    Bought a couple of bottles of this today in Doncaster. I was in an off-licence, which seemed to cater for immigrant workers and it was packed with bank holiday revellers, so in my immediacy to get in the queue, I just grabbed a couple of bottles of something that looked like lager.
    I actually got home, and because the labels on the bottles I bought are written completely in Polish, I thought ‘oh god, I hope this isn’t cider!’ (which I detest).
    Interesting (and encouraging) that the bottles have a picture of a car key with a red cross through it, and the words ‘Nigdy nie jezdze po alkoholu’. Clearly an anti-drink and drive message in any language. As lagers go, it’s lovely. Has a sharp taste that is exciting and hits the right spot, but doesn’t make your gob feels sh*tty three minutes later. Absolute zero aftertaste. Quite a crisp little lager actually, although not (as hywelsblog says) quite a threat for Leffe, which is lovely to the hilt. Although, saying that, Leffe, which I believe is Belgian, is a beer I only buy when I’m feeling particularly flush. It’s a pricey little bugger! I paid £1.29 for my 500ml bottle of Tyskie Gronie. The current influx of Polish workers is more than just a boost to the economy! Nice cheeky little strong lager that I will buy again. I’ll bugger off now and get back to supping it!

  10. NH Dave Says:

    Just spent a week in Warsaw and came across both Tyskie and Zywiec in the many pubs we visited. Hywel’s description of Tyskie’s amazing ability to get better with each sip is right on. Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t bad at all with the first, but all three of us sitting around the table had come to the same conclusion by the third or fourth draw. We never had any bottled beers to compare. While we all liked Zywiec, we kept going back to the places that had Tyskie on tap.

    Also highly recommend Krupnik, a honey liqueur of which our Polish hosts were very proud.

  11. peter Says:

    my education in Polish lager started with Tyskie, followed by Zwiec both being excellent im now trying ZUBR 1768 any feed back on brew ?

  12. peter Says:

    lol when i mean feedback i mean history as the ‘Club of Ill drink anything different ‘think this could be the best mass market polish yet

  13. RONY Says:


  14. tjfootballmatchblog Says:

    I don’t consider myself to be a lager drinker, but thoroughly enjoy a bottle of Tyskie. Its shot up in price but as a treat I bought myself a bottle of it this evening, a quality lager. I usually will only touch real ale and Belgian beers, this is one of my favourite beverages.

  15. Dave Says:

    I’ve tried Tyskie, Zywiec and Lech and my Polish mate recommended Zubr which I’ve been trying to find but as yet haven’t found here in England.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Almost all beers in Poland are 500ml.

  17. Kenny Says:

    Do Goats like fried eggs?

  18. mmmmmmmm Says:

    Leo Says:
    27 January, 2009 at 10:15 pm | Reply
    Tyskie is a Polish Macro lager, brewed by Tyskie Brewery, which is owned by SABMiller. It has more than barely malt in it. I taste about 40% rice in the mash. It’s a typical bland macro brew.

    Almost everything produced by SABMiller is swill for the masses

    So true……… so many of these Polish beers ……10 years ago taste was completely different ……Due to a recent real beer revival un-pasturised ones are now on the market and much better tasting with more hoppy flavours.

  19. mmmmmmmm Says:

    Compared to 10 years ago Tyskie now tastes like burnt rubber………… a lot of good beers changed in taste after Poland joined the EU……??

  20. mmmmmmmm Says:

    Try beers from Kormoran brewery if you can.

    Poland makes very good beers but Tyskie is not one of them anymore…..
    Zywiec just about survived as a good tasting . Carlsberg bought out / merged with some old small breweries and for some reason ruined the taste of the beer by changing the recipes or brewing methods……….

  21. mmmmmmmm Says:

    One more thing…….the Poles arent really a beer drinking nation…..if you want to try an excellent alcoholic Polish drink then try some of their world class vodkas….if you enjoy a good beer then try any of the Czech ones…….I could go on all day about them……

  22. frank brand Says:

    I have had this before its quite actually not that bad thought it was gonna be a lot worse then what it was to be honest.

  23. Rich Says:

    Discovered tyskie in Hounslow, I won’t drink other beers any more. 4 bottles of tyskie and I’m anyone’s! God bless the polish!! (they make great doughnuts too!)

  24. Jon Says:

    As far as premium lagers go, i quite like it & it has a quick hit factor (-; Tried all sorts over the years & this one gets a 10 from Len!

  25. Nick Harman Says:

    It’s main appeal to the Poles is how fast it gets you pissed. A livener at the beginning of the working day and a frequent refresher during it. Not so much a premium beer as a drug

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