Beer Review: Kestrel Super Strength Lager

A couple of lagers in, and there’s been one disappointment and one mediocre one. Neither of which are as good as the high-strength ale or cider I tried last week. Let’s see what Kestrel Super Strength lager can deliver.
Kestrel Super front of can
First impressions of the front of the can are how similar it is to Skol Super. On a shelf from a distance, they do look equally dull and cheap. Looking a little closer however, and Kestrel Super does have its own identity. There’s the illustration of a kestrel in the logo roundel. The two pictures of barley either side of it. And… not much else.

Turning the can around, Kestrel have gone for putting the story and the details ‘sides’ next to each other. And this is the first tall can of super-strength lager to have a full story behind. Let’s see what it says…
Kestrel Super side of can

The headline of “Super Strength, Superb Quality…” is what they’ve gone with. The story below it is mostly marketing speak, but here’s my summary of the main bits: This is a gold medal award winning lager, but they fall into the trap of not saying what that award was. Nor when they won it. They go on to promise “strong character”, “distinctive taste” and bags of quality from fine ingredients. All fairly ordinary stuff. But it does make me want to get to the taste part of the review, so job done by the marketing people. The last thing it has very clearly printed on this side is a box with “Alc 9.0% Vol”.

Rotating the can a few degrees to the barcode side, and again, nothing is out of the ordinary. This one was canned and brewed in the glamorous location of Bedford, Endland. It contains malted barley. It is half a litre of drink with 4.5 UK units of alcohol. Just like every other 9%, 500 millilitre can of lager. There’s also a tiny piece of text saying “drink sensibly”, together with the Drink Aware web address. Irresponsible? Or unimportant and ignored by anyone who buys strong lagers? Leave your thoughts, if you have any, in the comments section at the end of this post.
Kestrel Super barcode side of can

In a glass, Kestrel Super looks and behaves in the right way. It has a head. It’s the right size. And the colour is the right kind of gold. The smell is also about right. It has that odour of barley. But what does it tastes like? And is it any good?
Kestrel Super poured into a glass

A couple of gulps in, and things are looking average. There’s not much distinctive about the taste. Certainly not as much as the outside of the can had promised. Where the description on the outside does ring true, is with the character which is as strong as promised. And that aftertaste is bitter, sour and rough. This is not easy to drink. Nor pleasant.

About half-way through, and Kestrel Super is becoming a chore. It doesn’t taste nice. And it’s not easy to drink. It’s not a million miles from Skol Super. You’d have to be set on getting drunk quickly and cheaply to work your way through much of this.

If you have a taste for very strong lagers, you might like this. I however, didn’t. It may be cheap, but there are tastier drinks that are the same price and equally as strong. You have been warned.

Rating: 2.1 plus 2 ASBO points

Have you tried Kestrel Super? What did you think?
Opinions, ideas, suggestions and insults in the comments please…


A huge thanks to all the readers and commenter’s who’ve made this ‘review’ one of the most popular on my blog. You have added some of the funniest and wisest comments on the entire blog. A genuine thanks to all of you. That’s why I’ve come back nearly two years later to update it, and the other incredibly popular super strength lager reviews, with some new photos.

While I had all of the 9%er cans handy, it made sense to try them all again. Only this time with the benefit of having read all of your comments beforehand. Incidentally, I’ve done the same for the other 9%-ers. Check my updates for them after you’ve finished reading this.

This time, I made sure that the can was very cold. And to drink it straight from the can to avoid accidentally smelling it. That’s why I haven’t updated the photo of it in a glass. I was also watching out for it tasting worse as it warms up.

How did it taste this time around and can I figure out why Kestrel Super is slightly more addictive than crack? Well, an arcticly cold can does help. Straight off, it’s the least offensive tasting of the lot. The cut down ingredients list doesn’t mention syrup, but I reckon it has it. More of it than the other super strength 9% competition. That’s because it’s seems a bit thicker and more syrupy. It’s not as strong and bitter, but more balanced and bittersweet. It’s not as refreshing as Carlsberg Special Brewor Tennent’s Super, but that doesn’t stop it being that bit more drinkable than they are. And it’s in a weapons grade can that’s much less flimsy than the rest.

Against the other four 9%-ers, Kestrel Super nabs first place. Unless you look at ale or cider, it’s the easiest way to imbibe 9% alcohol. As for why it has such a following, I blame syrup. It must be what makes it sweeter than the competition. Pity no one thought to research its addictive qualities first.

What do you think? How else can you make it taste better? Or less horrible? Add your contribution to the mountain of hilarity and advice below!

P.S. My ‘reviews’ of Kestrel Super’s equally popular competitors are at Carlsberg Skol Super, Tennent’s Super and Carlsberg Special Brew.

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93 Responses to “Beer Review: Kestrel Super Strength Lager”

  1. linda Says:

    i have been drinking kestrel super for about 10 plus years, at first the taste was horrid but now it is a required taste and just right, i wouldnt drink any other super strength lager, no matter what.

  2. PJ Says:

    After just having drunk an equivalent ‘cheap super’ lager, Kestrel is far better. It has a meatier taste and has some similar qualities to a stout, which is my preferred drink.

  3. John Says:

    I like Kestrel Super. It might not taste quite as nice as secial brew, but it’s still very palatable, and it’s reasonably priced. Saying the aftertaste is “bitter, sour and rough” is very unfair.

  4. Nasi Says:

    The taste is mildy with little bit sugery.I love its strenght.You know something else,i lost my virgin over it.

  5. Chris & Den Says:

    Tramp juice….

  6. barry orr Says:

    I love this beer, i like the aftertaste, it reminds me of my other favourite drink ‘meths’. i drink it every night and some mornings and it makes me feel strong like a bear….grrrrr.

  7. Garry Porch Says:

    Nasi, I lost my virginity too it as well. Hi Five.

    It was a bit weird it was my uncle, but at least it’s out the way now.

    Meeerry Christmas

  8. Luke Says:

    i love the Kestral

    i also recommend super5, another strong lager!

  9. gary Says:

    well what can i say thought of kestrel made me feel sick but my ex girlfrien drank it so one day i tryed it and now i wount drink annthin else xx thank yu kestrel super

  10. riff-ritual Says:

    Man i want to try this… can’t wait to get to the UK again!

  11. keith murray Says:

    I was hooked on this drink for about five years until my gp told me that I would be dead in five months if I did not stop drinking it. It is gut rot—mind rot—life rot! I’ve been sober now for almost four years – – – tea-total in fact. I must admit although I sometimes miss its helluva kick – it’s like missing a hole in the head. I’ve got my life back. I hope this is a warning to you.

  12. meshborg Says:

    i too was a slave to this drug for many a year.this stuff is liquid crack.i drink responsably now but i still remember the way it used to f**k my mind up..if i wasnt drinking 1 day,i was still thinking constantly about my next hit..&even2this day i sometimes get the urge.i have a good life now without the evil can so i can say no.

  13. Marc Kitto Says:

    After 2 cans of this jungle juice I’m anyones.. Men, Woman, Family & friends are all ripe for a tapping.

    Go Kestral!

  14. Matt Felcher Says:

    Kestral has been my drink of chice for some years now. I always keep a couple of cans in the glove compartment for the drive home. It warps your mind just the right amount so you can drive whilst blocking out potentially dangerous distractions such as the wife & kids.

    It’s a life saver!

    • Adrian Davey Says:

      I’m a big fan of Kestrel, I’ve been drinking it since I was just a nipper.

      We used to have a few cans behind the bikesheds at lunch when I was in Primary school and this developed into something of a love affair by the time I reached puberty.

      At 18 I was drinking a modest 12 cans a day but now I’ve upped that to an average of 26, sometimes I even have to sneak to the toilet for a cheeky can while I’m at work.

      Unfortunately Kestrel isn’t on sale in my local pub, but there’s nothing more I prefer than to get home and sink my teeth into a can or ten of this “Super Strength” brew.

      Kestrel Rocks.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Driving after drinking kestrels proper wanker.

  15. Ade Davey Says:

    I love this stuff, unfortunately they don’t sell it at the local batty boy club so i have to go without and settle for something hot, white and creamy instead. xx

  16. Marc Kitto Says:

    I’ve found that when I go clubbing if I have a few cans of this beforehand all the birds look tremendous.
    Many a time have I woken up next to the town bike, my flatmates, My mum but fortunately can’t remember any of it. In fact the only weekly reminder I do have of the night before is the visit to the clap clinic.

    Thank you Kestrel!

  17. Naga Jolokia Addict Says:

    I fell in love with this beer in 1989 when I came to London.
    I used to drink this and nothiong else. I loved its heady character and its seemingly sweetish intrusion in your system.

    Believe it or not, I used to drink my scotch mixed with Kestrel super.
    Though I have become a teatotaller since 1994, I do remember this beer.


  18. Gabion Says:

    I used to like this stuff but today I stopped drinking it. I had found a local shop which sold it at a “good” price and bought 4 today. The first sip of the first can tasted plasticy and so did the second sip. Down the sink. Same with the second can. I have noticed a variation in flavour before but this was something very different and seriously wrong. There is no website for the company nor a contact no. on the can. I have the address now and a phone no. so I’ll contact them soon and take the two remaining cans to an appropriate consumer institution in my town when the holidays are over.

  19. christian Says:

    i am buyin my first 4 cans of kestral tomorw my mate gave me some last week nd i loved it, thinkgi of takin some to school and gettin blindo behind the bikesheds ..

  20. guy williams-holland Says:

    often get home after wor and drink 10 cans of my beloved Kestral. It makes me feel extra horny for when i bang the misses.
    I used to drink it with my mate christian back in primary school and it changed our lives.

  21. chris parker Says:

    when i was 50 i was hooked on the stuff and i was smashed every hour for about a year. One time i came home drunk and found the little ones drinking the stuff. So we all got smashed as a family. Best day of my life so far. I also had the best sex whilst on it. It was my 50th birthday and i fucked my brothers daughter. good times

  22. mark Says:

    theres nothing quit as good as waking up on a warm summers day with a can of kestral to see u in the mood for breakfast.
    i have beeen a great fan of kestral since i was 12. was drinking it everyweekend, but now i am old anuf i drink 7-10 cans a day. i lost my virginty welst drinking tennants pilsner, howevermy favourite sex was deffenatly wen i was drinking kestral
    i love al u kestral fans (L) x

  23. mr singh Says:

    i love super kestrel the stuff is a brain killer its the kind of beer that gets u hoocked i know i have to stop drincking the shit it will be the end of me so to u all out there of thinking of trying it take a leaf out my message and say no it might save your life all the beast

  24. dave.taylor Says:

    !!! I love crest and kestrel !!! but cant get it, most shops can you halp me. not 2 good wive my speling to. dave taylor.crests No 1 lover

  25. Tom Potter Says:

    I am not a Kestral drinker, however i feel fit to make a review purely down to the vast quantities my friends drink. I think its fair to say Kestral is appealling to a broad range of people from Thais to Northerners and Men to Women. The only disturbing thing is the likeness to the “Castrol” name but an alcoholic friend once said ts like bus oil, before purring its lovely stuff! Make of this what you want but i would say Kestral is coming to a park bench near you!!!

  26. hatem Says:

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  27. hatem Says:

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  28. hatem Says:

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  29. hatem Says:

    How much the price of this product 9% /10% /12% alc. in 500ml Can and The packaging 24 Can in the carton box.

  30. Alex Simon Says:

    A dense motor oil is priced competivly at around 7 to 8 quid, chequred flag is cheaper but the premium synthetic stuff can be purchased for around 18 squidly at various supermarkets like Tesco. Be aware giro day can be a sticky predicament but if you are lucky enough to aquire some you’ll soon be either on a round about or in a public garden searching for more than your loose change… you will be on an adventure to find the alcohol power pland serviceman! Kestral GTX means business!!!

  31. johnny farr Says:

    Kestrel is a real relaxer. Great taste and an awe inspiring kick. I always keep 3 cans in a cool box in my boot, ready for a steady, relaxing drive home. I find it helps me concentrate, and total relaxation in heavy north london traffic. I average 6 cans a day and never have any health problems. I am approaching 49 years of age and have been drinking super strength lagers for 30 years. Kestrel is the best one.

  32. ade "kestrel" wilkins Says:

    what can i say????? obviously the tester of this sublime lash is not a real beer drinker, kestrel super is by far the best tasting “strong” lager to come from the drinks chiller, i put it to you swillers that you have three possible marques….. special brew, tennents super and kestrel super, admittedly gold label is better than them all put together but barley wine isnt on the agenda. Kestrel is the most smoothest on the pallette, the easiest to sup, warm or chiiled, the taste is like a thousand virgins, i regularly drink between 6-8 cans a day, okay, im half dead and talk a complete load of old bollocks about everything, including kestrel, and my face is redder than a red thing from red thingsville, my teeth are black, my urine has a head on it and my wife and kids have left me, but i know a good beer when i see 1, hic….

  33. fraser connor Says:

    Kestrel is a real soother. It is like a wicked lady that draws you in, every time. I have managed to hold a full time job down for 12 years whilst battling kestrel. I still need to drink 6 cans during the day just to calm my nerves. Luckily i am a long distance lorry driver so barely have to communicate with anyone other than on phone. I wish they would ban it. As much as i am addicted to it, i wish i could give it up. Great drink though, and highly reccommended to anyone who needs to forget their troubles. 10/10.

  34. clive hill Says:

    I’ve been drinking kestrel super for years now, I’ve found it invaluable when out shooting as it steadies the hand, you can also soak grain and raisins in it to slow the pheasants and rabbits up a bit for when you’ve had a couple too many. Unfortunately it does’nt do much for your eyesight as my local gamekeeper and shooting partner would be happy to tell you had he not died in a bizzarre alcohol fuelled shooting accident, he would have survived had he not ran himself over with his land rover whilst attempting to drive himself to hospital. Still love the super though.

  35. Peter Batt Says:

    Aaaah kestral! This is a real life saver if you’re a wife beater. I beat the best 7 years of my wife out on this brew. No wonder she left me, but I hardly noticed, thanks to Kestral. I drink 4 or 5 cans 1st thing in the morning before I hit the streets (literally). Then after hitting the street for an hour or so, I top up with another can every half hour until I hit rock bottom. Then I wake up and do the same thing all over again, lovely!

  36. Max Lawless Says:

    I had a love affair with ‘The Golden Goodness’ for a year or two. I can’t be sure how long it was as I consumed with aplomb 8+ cans per day.

    One day, I woke on the sofa – as usual – and reached for an open can from the night before. A full swig revealed a more salty, flat character to my ‘breakfast of champions’. Imagine my surprise as I swallowed and at the same time recalled pissing in an empty can the night before.

    Still, it tasted similar, if not slightly better and I’m sure it was still 5%+ in strength.

    Try mixing it with Frosty Jacks for the finest snakebite.

  37. sammy k Says:

    my uncle likes it so leave it alone .rawwwwwwww to the bear . keep drinking them extra strong largers yo will fill the strengh . be careful not to get your self into hospital . i need to be able to enjoy myself for time to time. i only try to have fun

  38. John Lomsan Says:

    In my opinion, all super strengths are too addictive. I lost everything through drinking. It was not until i had nothing, that i realised i had a problem.I ran my own cleaning business and employed 25 people at peak times. As the pressure rose i began experimenting with strong lager as i was drinking too much 4-5 % lagers. I began drinking kestrel super, only 1 in the morning and 1 at lunch to begin with. As time wore on i began drinking more. At the peak of my drinking problem i was drinking 8-10 cans per day, everyday. I was a complete mess. I lost my wife, she had an affair with my best friend, who took advantage of my drink problem. I started sleeping with some of my female employees, who also took advantage of my vulnerability as an alcoholic.. I lost my house in a messy divorce, now worth £760,000. I just signed it over to the ex, as i was so pissed all the time i did not care. I declared myself bankrupt 12 months ago due to massive business debt, £278,000, all caused by being too pissed all the time. I have been drink free for 6 months now thanks to support from AA. I live in a hostel for the homeless and cannot begin to explain how stupid i feel. I cannot blame the beer, as i was the one pouring it down. What i can say, is, enjoy a drink but dont let it take over your life.
    On a more positive note, there are organisations out there that will help you. Dont leave it too late like i did. John.

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  41. Jonathan Sandys Says:

    I love this article, especially the comment about Churchill and ensuring drink was available for the troops. Although not being a beer drinker, Churchill always maintained that he took more out of alcohol than the other way around.

    With regard to the tiny writing about the advice to ‘drink sensibly’ – Britain hates the warning labels on things as much as the Americans hate politicians trying to change the Constitution. If you don’t know to ‘drink sensibly’, you’re clearly in need of medical help, that or a basic education. However, these labels have been considered necessary since the stupid woman in the US, who sued MacDonalds because her coffee was too hot. I would have thought the fact that she ordered coffee should have indicated that it was going to be hot. Still, it take all sorts.

    I’ve never tried Kestrel but now, since reading this blog, I feel I should taste it, if only to say I have done so. Would anyone else like to join me?

  42. the spen Says:

    i never realised how popular this stuff is. i have about 6 cans a day and love it. my wife says i’m always pissed but nothing is a chore when you add kestral. maybe we should all get together and get mushed. at my local shop it’s only £1 a can. marvelous. is this the most addictive lager going. it’s certainly got a grip on me. cheers

  43. MC Says:

    I watched a relative gradually succumb to cirrhosis, then develop ascites from drinking this stuff. The last time I saw him concious, he was begging relatives for more – sickening. It likely cost the NHS (i.e. the public) hundreds of thousands to treat him over the years, while his alcoholic decisions left his wife and family in a financial mess. No wonder Wells and Young’s don’t mention the brand on their website, I would be embarrassed to associate with it. Sorry, to be so negative.

  44. Wolfie Says:

    Great drinkers blog and I would like to introduce myself as wolfie (im a wolves fan lol!)- hence the name. Anyway, down to business. I have been a veteran of strong lager since youth (around 20 years!) I know – what am I still doing alive! lol! My love of the big 3 SS drinks + Skol Super started back when it was the big-heads drink of the early 90’s along with Thunderbirds Blue Strong Wine (EVIL) but “ooh look what I can handle” Mind you – the first can is always rough to get down but the 2nd will gaurantee to hit the spot and make you the centre of any party! Drinking heavy strength lagers 9.0%ers is an acquired taste – and now I find myself the only to be drinking them – as some people think that only tramps drink them (totally wrong!). But of the Super Strength lager category – I find that Kestrel Super Strength is the easiest to swallow and the most cheapest, along with Skol Super. The other big 2 SS lagers are a lot dearer to buy (up to 20p per can dearer = £1 dearer x 4 pack) So its a win-win for Kestrel Black and I like it so much I even made a facebook page on it a few years back! Happy Drinking Folks.


  45. ganjafarmer No1 Says:

    Kestrel. Great stuff! I have a top tip,
    Smoke one fat joint of some high grade
    Weed after two cans of this stuff and
    And you will become jesus himself!

    • sarah carswell Says:

      ill drink kestrel super + i have smoke weed with. all it does is makes you more smashed with the kestrel.

      do you tend to forget stuff because you have drunk kestrel super

  46. sarah carswell Says:

    i drink kestrel super, i only been drinking for 8 wks. but to say i only been drinking it 8wks, i can handle between 6 to 8 cans on my own. i tend not remember what i have done the night before, i just carnt remember what i have done or said.
    my sleep pattern is fucked when i drink it.

    kestrel super is one hell of a fantasic drink, i cant see my self drinking any other lager as it taste,s like piss water now.

  47. Ray West Says:

    I love this stuff, to be fair it did get me the bullet from my plumbing job with Sharpey. I’m still happy though because I managed to get the ‘long teeth/big nose’ look I had always wanted.

    Anyway as I always say after a few cans………..”you’re all a bunch of cunts”

    Ray West Basingstoke, Saf Ham.

  48. Paul Williams Says:

    I have enjoyed kestrel super for many years now. I look forward to 4 cans most nights. I enjoy the smooth taste and it is very refreshing after a long shift at work. I have tried skol and tennents and none of them touch kestrel for taste or smoothness.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck my teeth smell

  50. wez hammondo Says:

    of the comments about ‘ol super K are darker than Darth Vaders under pants! im gonna steer clear of this i think

  51. tony spabsinski Says:

    Best cool beer in my local shop, pity its £1.99 a can now..
    where they get prices like that.
    man its wrong, i been drinking this sinse it was 98p a can 🙂

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  53. Ąžuolas Viktoras Says:

    For me try kestrel is possible. 1 cans and “splink” I am for the floor. I drink on train and for me the vomit on the seat is unpleasant and same for other passanger. Alergy to Kestrel possible? For me I say “yes for sure!” Once I take 2 cans down me and start fight with someone. I lose because too drunks. My advises? Don’t touching for this stuff with long barge pole with extra long additional pole attached with twine.

  54. dav Says:

    what can i say,…a clear stomach , a good head, and NO runs,
    good stuff,

  55. JoeTheToucan Says:

    Kestrel is one of the few- well, ANY supers I have supped upon that doesn’t need to be made sickly like too much cider. Syrups and sugars are what have made my supers a chore, contrary to the supposed bitterness masking abilities they hold. The old Special Brew held my interest as a godly nectar for a few days, but in the end you just want something that tastes like beer and doesn’t have to be held above your head for five minutes before the first drop passes the lips. Kestrel is a phenomenon. Personally I question whether the strength is accurate and not less.

  56. cockneyjohn Says:

    Has chocolate taste to my buds……all frazzled out

  57. sam Says:

    used to drink 2 every night after work and polish off with a spliff .gave up drinking and smoking 3 years ago and became a christian i cant even stand the smell now absolutley hate it

  58. soma Says:

    I was drinking fosters for some good years.. but felt a bit gassy and first when I tried the kestrel it tasted a bit bitter. But after having a one nicely chilled after a tiresome work, I felt very refreshing and not gassy, besides you don’t need to drink gallons of other less strength beer.So you save money and not feeling to go to a pee often and have a great feeling! Just try one nicely chilled after a hard work. Feel the difference.. but don’t blame me for getting addicted!!! Enjoy!!! – soma2uk-

  59. keith Says:

    very very nice beer, have one when i wake up and 4 before i sleep, the taste is divine, hits the spot every time.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    KS is immense. I can even still operate a komputor. Sort of

  61. mark richard shepherd Says:

    the person who wrote the original review knows nothing about beer or lager,they freely admits that they do not drink K.S so why attempt to write about it,stick to what you know…TEA.

  62. nigel robinson Says:

    Yuk all the way.

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  64. Danni B Says:

    Kestrel Super – Devvo’s favourite drink and I can see why. Get a couple of these and a Thatcher’s White Magic and head over to the swings – bob-on like.

  65. Phillip Morgan Says:

    I used to be a big Jack Daniels drinker but my doctor told me I had liver damage. So I stopped drinking the spirits and drunk strong lager instead.My liver improved and my levels are normal. I drink about 5 to 6 cans a night 4 days a week and its the only strong lager that does not make me ill or give me a hangover but stops me reaching for the bottle. I am 50 years old. I know this is not ideal but I have not got into any trouble or had any memory loss since, it works for me but I would not advise anyone else to do it.

  66. Metharama Says:

    A light citrusy beer with a long lasting finish on the palette. Can cause lapses in bladder control with bouts of memory loss. Chase it up with a shot of aftershave for full effect 😉

  67. Troy Cropover Burgess Says:

    Hey I am from Barbados in the Caribbean and we have our own beer Banks Beer, I normally drink my beer with red bull but after tasting this Kestrel I am sorry I wasted my money on the red bull this is one the best imported beers I have taste so far, I love it, will have to get my hand on couple more you can really enjoy drinking this, and for getting drunk off of beer lol it hits you right in the head, I don’t know much about the fine details of beer drinking but I know I love this one its clearly more than just water with flavoring, This is beer and I love it but do try some our Banks beer that is lovely also,

  68. kombizzkombizz Says:

    have you ever tried Maolshaeer – It is lovely

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  70. Kezzy Says:

    Just reading this again makes me want to go and get a 4 pack, pity the joe Daki shops are selling them at £7 to £8 for a 4 pack. I remember when they was 89p a can, I used to be off my face all day, it was great, give you a nice buzz. I remember when I used to drink special brew, and was constantly blowing pooh flavour water out of my ass, with this stuff you get none of that! you get a nice solid dump that you can do in a bag and throw it in the neighbours garden along with the cans.
    I’ll defiantly be getting some of these tonight, as it’s Friday, and like one guy mentioned, “it makes all the birds look fit after a few cans”
    Great stuff, I might even get lucky if I hang around drunks bridge with a few of these, as soon as the homeless girls and prostitutes see I have a load of cans, I’ll be guaranteed to slam dunk some funk.
    Long live the kezzy super fans 😜

  71. Tony Shores Says:

    The Big 500 !!! I have been drinking…..when i can get them..for over 20 years! but due to the rising imported beers tax, have been unable to afford or find them..New Zealand!! as back in earlier years. Typical of the stronger beers!!! eg The Kestrel, they have a flavour/taste which will not go down with a majority of the population! But I can honestly say>>>I am definitely not one of them! had many many fine occasions on “The Big 500”!! and hope to have many more…. hope to acquire some tins soon !!

  72. Bob's your uncle Says:

    Went down the corner shoppy initially for Becks but found myself craving something with a bit more feel on the way. It’s £1.49 and I guess Scottish water is pretty great but I’m kinda hoping to not need any of this while having the ability for it all! Still now I’m wondering how the back to basics pure German recipe might’ve faired or better yet something organic. I mean this didn’t have a best before date and some of the cans looked pretty beat up and grimy. Should’ve got a bloody discount! oh happy days!

    Fanny’s your aunt and Robert is your mother’s brother


  73. sandy piat Says:

    I drink 7 cans of Kestrel Super a night for the past 10 years.

    Good shit

  74. sandy piat Says:

    kestrel is the best super lagers

  75. Keith Says:

    I love strong larger they help with the pain of life

  76. Keith Says:

    If you want a strong larger pen pal then email me

  77. Sunil khuttan Says:

    Just bought a can of kestrel and was very upset it is not the first can i drank with no gas

  78. Darren Sullivan Says:

    tennents super is now 8% wat a load of wankers so i now drink kestrel super its nice and i stil wake up on the estate with my trousers and pants round my ankles

  79. Super Strength Writing – Tapeworm in a Trance Says:

    […] Beer Review: Kestrel Super Strength Lager […]

  80. steve Says:

    Well what can I say special brew has the taste kestrel lacks this but it’s 9% and tastes better than the 8% special brew now I drink 2 cans special brew a night but now I find its 8% so I drink 3 that’s an increase in 3 units a night what do the government think they are really achieving making people drink more that’s probably what they are after because they get more tax because the price is still the same now who is creating acholism the f*****g government cause now I’m drinking more because of them well done stealth tax at it’s best

  81. Vlastimil Says:

    I am just drinking it and it is the best superstrong bear I ever tried. I love the distinctive bitter taste. Well, what some people might hate others will love. We are all unique…For me is the bitterness just perfectly right as I love only really bitter bears.Giving 5 out of 5 stars.

  82. dont drink Says:

    Oh man this shit was awful an alcoholic friend of mine gave me a can for free to try I drank it on the back of the bus alkie style damn it made me want to fetch but the taste was so foul and it gave me a headache the can I had said award winning idk what reward it won but I Dony know how it won it best headache creator? Good to get you pi55ed otherwise avoid it’s insanely strong though.

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