Beer Review: Gaymer White Star White Cider

SURELY not every white cider on the market can be made by Gaymer? After reviewing first Diamond White and then Ice Dragon, both of which were mediocre and both turned out to be from the Gaymer Cider Company. In the same way as the rather good K, the Gaymer name was carefully hidden away. Will that be the case with my next can of strong, white cider? Will this one be better than the rest? I doubt it.

Gaymer White Star White Cider can

This can, like Ice Dragon, has a unique look, all of its own. This one goes for a white, silver and blue colour scheme. That together with the Apple Macintosh font gives it a sci-fi feel. I quite like it, I must say.

Beneath the large, “White Star” logo are the basics. It describes itself as “White Cider”. Confirms that this is a 500 millilitre can. But, I’m pleased to say, without that ridiculous claim to have been 440 millilitres in the past. Ice Dragon and the cheap super-strength lagers, I’m looking at you. Instead, this one boasts of being a “Big Value Half Litre”. Also down at the bottom of the can we learn that it has 7.5%. The exact same volume as Diamond White and Ice Dragon. A clue to it’s origin perhaps?

Turn the can around enough times and you reach the details side of the can. Again, for a can of white cider, devoid of much in the way of real details.

Gaymer White Star White Cider details side of can

We get all the familiar details like “Serve Chilled”. And “White Cider”. And “With sugar and sweetener. And “Contains Sulphites”. If someone can explain what a sulphite is, I would be very grateful.

The usual UK units of alcohol symbol is on there. And I can report that is 3.8 UK units of alcohol.

But… who made White Star? Surely Gaymer can’t be behind yet another white cider? Lets read the postal address and find out…

I don’t know whether to be surprised at this or not. But it IS the Gaymer Cider Co who are behind White Star. The same outfit from Shepton Mallet, Somerset, England, who were behind the identically uninspiring Diamond White and Ice Dragon, and the very good K. If this is going to be a re-run of the past two days, then it’s not looking good. Time to find out if my fears of another disappointment are well founded…

Poured into a glass, and it looks identical to its stable mates. It’s just as pale and fizzy as they are.

Gaymer White Star White Cider poured into a glass

It smells just as much of synthetic apples as they did, too. And, I’m sad to report, that it tastes as mediocre as they did. Yes it does taste mildly of apples. And it is moderately refreshing and easy to drink. But, there’s barely any apple-y taste and none of that lingering refreshment that you expect from a cider.

In short, White Star is just as disappointing as Diamond White and Ice Dragon. In fact, I’d be surprised if they weren’t identical, and simply packaged differently.

I’m not sure if what I’ve had this week has been a true cross-section of white ciders. Or if other manufacturers produce white ciders. If they do, I’d be interested to know how they compare. So if you’ve had a white cider from someone other than Gaymer, leave a comment at the end of this post.

If the three white ciders I’ve reviewed do sum-up what the category is all about, then I’m not impressed. They have no taste. They’re not a refreshing as other ciders. They are the lagers of the cider world. In the same way that lagers offer a fraction of the flavour, body and character of beers and ales; white ciders have only some of the flavour and refreshment of proper ciders.

If you like the apple-y taste and refreshment of ciders, look elsewhere. You wont find it with a white cider. I certainly didn’t.

Rating: 2.95

Have you tried White Star or a white cider from anyone that is no Gaymer? If so, then leave a comment with your thoughts, corrections, suggestions and recommendations.


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11 Responses to “Beer Review: Gaymer White Star White Cider”

  1. jordan andrews Says:

    cant stop drinking it it is rank and dunt av an apple in it but what do u expect for two pound? ul get pissed an thats about it!

  2. Matty Says:

    tastes like normal cider to me, love it!

  3. mike Says:

    its good news add a wee bi of black current or orange its ok. if i culd afford better i would but being a young skint person its perfect before a night out.

  4. Basser Says:

    I think white star does wat it says getts u completely bolloxed fer a few quid 2x 2litre bottles really do the trick cheers guys for sellin us this high alcahol content whale sperm 5 *****

  5. stevey2009 Says:

    i love the stuff!drink it everyday.cant stop the taste.

  6. Ben Says:

    Sulfit disinfects, so it helps for conservation. Additionally it prevents oxidation. As the the darkening fresh cuts of apples is oxidation, the sulfit may help to keep the cider bright.

  7. Jaffaman Says:

    When was white star cider first introduced in the UK? I have an uncle who says he drank it when he was a kid. It can’t have been on the go, for that long, surely?

    • 7.5 day Says:

      Knowing this time of cider it probably has been around for a long long time I must say this stuff has to be up there with white ace etc awful stuff.

  8. Jeff d Says:

    I’ve been drinking white star for some years now as its very low in carbs and that helps with my diabetes I get four cans for £2.99 here in Birmingham uk,
    Here is some info from the Brewers per can,
    Calories 200
    Carbs 3
    It’s not filtered so they don’t use any animal products
    So it’s vegetarian friendly,
    The sweetener they use is saccharin.

  9. Billy Says:

    I like to fill my bottle with my wife’s (or my dog’s) piss. Tastes much better! Not a bad cider though

    • Josh Says:

      You dirty bugger! It’s so much better when you squirt some cum into it. It gives it a much better head on the cider and tastes so much better. Full of protein too!

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