Beer Review: Okocim Mocne

REMEMBER my review of above-average Polish beer Okocim? Well, I’ve since found a corner shop that sells it in bottles instead of cans. And, best of all, they sell a more exciting version: Okocim Mocne

Okocim Mocne bottle

This bottle cost a premium £1.59 pence. So let’s hope it’s worth it.

The bottle and labels have a much darker and more foreboding look. My first thought was that this must be a stout or a dark ale. But after closer inspection, I think the word “Mocne” must simply mean “strong”. Or, if you’re Polish, “medium”.

The neck label kicks things off with pictures of what look like medals. But they’re much too small to read. It does start the stylish gold on black colour scheme which I like though.

Okocim Mocne neck label

The main, front label is where the imagery gets serious. An eagle symbolises one thing: power. And this label uses it to great effect.

Okocim Mocne front label

Most of the text at the top, I can’t read. Apart from the part that says “Strong Beer”. Under the Okocim Mocne logo and name, is that year again: 1845. A year that makes Okocim one of Polands most established beers.

At the bottom of the label are all the usual details. That this was brewed by Okocim in Poland. That the bottle holds 500 millilitres. And the alcohol volume. Except that little detail is worth re-reading. And that’s because it’s 7%. That brings this beer into the territory of strong ales. And nearly up to the level of the strong ciders and lagers. If it’s even moderately drinkable then, it will be doing very well indeed compared to its UK counterparts.

Just like the can, the back label doesn’t give up many details.

Okocim Mocne back label

There’s a UK consumer helpline number. And a Polish Infolinia number. There is also a set of ingredients in both Polish and English. For the very curious, the ingredients are water, hops, malt and yeast. Just like the can, the Polish side of the ingredients mentions the name of European brewing colossus, Carlsberg. Plus, there’s a mention of the town, or city, I really don’t know, called Brzesko. What is that place like? It sounds delightful. Lastly, there’s a web address of, but you might need to look for links to the English language pages.

In the glass, I’m a little disappointed to see that it’s not as black as crude oil. But rather, it’s light shade of amber. It’s also big-headed. But wait a few moments, and it settles down to a reasonable, creamy layer. There are a lot of bubbles in there, so I’m preparing myself for a lot of burping.

Okocim Mocne poured into a glass

The smell is not exactly distinctive. Yeast, hops and malted barley are the order of the day. But its strength makes it slightly more pungent than usual.

Three gulps in, and I’m already burping. This is a gassy beer. It’s also surprisingly full-bodied. No wateriness at all. The strong flavour that hit me was familiar. It reminded me of the mega-strong lagers. It’s a sharp, tangy bitterness. And it lingers on the back of your tongue. Different in character to the hoppy bitterness of ales. I don’t like the taste, but at least you get a lot of it.

It could be refreshing if you serve it cold. And, for the strength, it’s easy to drink. At least compared to the super-high-strength lagers on the market.

But it’s hard to see past the downsides. Okocim Mocne will make you burp. And the taste is as pleasant as blue tongue disease. If getting drunk is your aim, then there’s no reason to choose this, over the cheaper, and more potent lagers (9% vol.) and ciders (7.5% – 8.4% vol.) on the market.

I truly wanted to like Okocim Mocne. Especially after enjoying Okocim Beer. But there is simply no reason for you to spend your money on this beer.

Rating: 1.8

Have you tried Okocim Mocne? What did you think?
What does “Mocne” mean? Can you translate anything else from the labels? What reputation does it have in Poland? Are other strong Polish beers better? Or worse? If you have any corrections, additions, opinions, suggestions or ideas, do please leave them in the comments.

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22 Responses to “Beer Review: Okocim Mocne”

  1. island1 Says:

    Damn cunning idea for a blog: providing a thin veneer of respectability for the consumption of a large and varied quantity of beer… we salute you!

    I see you’re having a bit of a thing about Polish beers recently. Since I live in Poland perhaps I can help out a little.

    Some things to bear in mind about Polish beer:

    1. There’s no tradition of beer brewing in this country, generally. The oldest most established breweries go back to the middle of the 19th century, but none of them were big until really quite recently (the last 30 years or so). Poles drank vodka. Beer was an unimportant sideline. This has changed a lot, to the extent that beer drinking is now seen as sophisticated.

    2. Polish beer is generally pretty bad. It’s not awful, but mostly bland, gassy, and cheap tasting. See 1 above. In the big cities there are now some microbreweries, usually attached to trendy bars, that turn out several varieties of wickedly cloudy ‘wheat beer.’ Sometimes these are ‘interesting,’ often they’re even worse than the mass-produced stuff and leave you with a mother of a hangover.

    3. There are regional beer affiliations. Zywiec and Okocim come from down south (near Krakow), Warka from Warsaw. However, almost all bars everywhere serve Zywiec, Okocim, or Lech in that order of popularity with Zywiec being by far the most popular. ‘Zywiec’ practically means ‘beer’ in Poland. This is ok, since it’s not actually a terrible beer, but it does tend to make one pine for a pint of Speckled Hen after a while.

    Now I’ve bored you half to death, the label:

    Yes ‘mocne’ means ‘strong.’ A lot of Polish beers have a regular and a ‘mocne’ version. As far as I can tell just about the only difference is the alcohol content.

    ‘TYLKO DLA ORŁOW’ means something like ‘only for the eagle’ (I’m not great at Polish so it may be more subtle than that, but this is the gist of it).

  2. Daniel Sandford Says:

    What rubbish! Speckled Hen is shite! Okocim Mocne is fairly palatable and Warka is brewed in Warka.

  3. Artur Says:

    Mocne means strong

  4. Barry Donaldson Says:

    Okocim Mocne is my tipple of choice. Five cans for a fiver from my local corner booze emporium – what a bargain. Unlike the author, I’d don’t find it particularly gassy. A good, strong taste which probably takes a bit of getting used to. Needless to say, I am getting used to it.

    By the way, the bottles/cans have been redesigned recently (so much so that I didn’t recognise them) and have lost the eagle. They are now a black and gold, almost Guinness-esque design.

  5. Wij Says:

    I enjoy this immensely. Served cold all you really tatse is the alcohol which produces a nice tingling at the back of the throat. For when you are too thirsty for a vodka but all you really want to taste is alcohol it’s a treat.

  6. dje Says:

    I have to say that I don’t mind this beer too much. I’ve always thought that it has a certain burnt … umm … ‘quality’, a bit like a smoked cheese – ie. pretty good in small doses, but you could never turn it into a main course.

    I read somewhere that the Mocne version sometimes refers to it being a ‘malt liqueur’. I don’t think it has enough taste to warrant it as a liqueur, but it has the alcohol thud in the head to make it halfway there. It has a bit of the Buckfast qualities to it too, ie. a pre-hangover hangover. You can do a lot worse than the old Mocne from your local cornershop IMHO, better than a number of the big name boys in the supermarkets too.

  7. Bri Says:

    Yeah i’ve just tonight found out that my local shop has stopped selling this Mocne version of Okocim and i’ve been trying to find somewhere maybe online to buy it.

    There seems to be mixed opinions on the taste of it i think 7.0% is probably about the strongest you can go before you start to loose the taste i like the deep taste of this beer or malt liquor as i’ve discovered it is really is the occasional bottle of this i’ve appreciated.

    Oh and nice insight into Polish culture from island1


  8. Jim Says:

    If you have a BM store in your town they are selling this for £1 a bottle, got a few to try tonight

  9. Cracovia, un oras romantic – Tuk Tuk Says:

    […] te poti intoarce in Piata. Aseaza-te la o masa intr-o cafenea si comanda un pahar din faimoasa bere Okocim Mocne (mocne inseamna tare, referitor la continutul de alcool). Piata e inca plina de trasurile trase de […]

  10. peter Says:

    Dude you should stuck with Stella or Fosters !

  11. Andrew Walter Says:

    I used to buy 6 cans of this for £5 when I was at university (4 years ago) and I have it classified with misery and low-grade alcoholism in my mind! I look upon it fondly but I really don’t think I would ever purchase it again. It used to come with a far more metal looking goat head on the can, and had a distinctive black ring pull. Highly recommended as a non-spirits based way to get blackout drunk again and again.

    It’s definitely better than either Stella of Fosters, perhaps the worst beers ever created.

  12. Errol Says:

    I am very happy with this beer and it keeps very well Purchassed a lot of it as it was on special so was more than happy to be able to pick up a few cases of Okocim Mocne.
    Hope it will still be available when I wish to buy more!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Costs 0.58£ in Poland. Drinkable, but there are cheaper beers. I like Książ Czarny Specjał at 0.45£ for 500ml, 9% alcohol.

  14. lawrence Says:

    i how have zywiec warka warka stong and okocim in stock online at 99p per can
    thank you

  15. kris Says:

    right now it costs below half a quid in Poland and has slightly redesigned label. After years into drinking business and having drunk hundreds of beers among which the old Grolsch bought in Amsterdam was one of the best – I definitely do find this beer really great. Bitterness is the key. This beer is bitter as the classy beer should be. Sorry for the majority of todays canned beers because they have no bitterness at all and all remind the miserable golden shower of the cheap porno movies

  16. Wolf Sullivan Says:

    I live in Toronto and have been drinking 500 ml cans of Okocim Mocne for over a year. I don’t drink much, but it’s all I drink. After calculating the cost of ethanol % and price I concluded Okocim Mocne is the by far the best bargain in beer and alcohol in Toronto. I like the fact that it seems to adhere to German purity laws and has a good taste. I read this to find out the meaning of “Mocne” and did not. Basically I disagree with the review here, the gas and so on, and I recommend this bear. Now I’m going to look elsewhere for the meaning of “Mocne”

  17. Monty Says:

    I disagree with your reviewer. I’m a recent convert to Okocim Mocne, which is brewed by the Carlsberg Polska group, and has a deep, intense and pleasing taste for such a strong beer/lager. My Asian off-licence sells 500 ml cans for only a quid, which suits my budget. And I didn’t burp once!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    What harmfull ingreadiants for humans are found in okocim MOCNE

  19. Casper. Says:

    I’m one of those rare, professional, not alcoholic, beasts who, by choice, prefers to drink a Special Brew. I like a strong flavour that lingers and coats the back of the tongue in a hitter film. That’s just me. Having tried a bevvy of so called “mocne” or strong Polski piwo, including the not at all unpleasant Karpackie (a 9℅ alcomahol beer of good body and not overly large bubbles with a gentle, dry molasses taste and bitter residue), I have to say that Okocim mocne proves to be my favourite. Not only is it available for £1 per can, but has a real depth of flavour, character and subtle sweetness behind the more adult, bitter, notes and is easily drunk for the mocne uninitiated, as opposed to the truly by choice only ‘Brew or ‘Super or ‘Extra super strengths available. I would recommend this beer to those seeking more full flavour and individuality without knocking themselves out in the alcohol ℅age.

  20. Bob Janes Says:

    i have drunk this beer in Poland on draught i think it is exceptionally easy to drink and have never paid more than £1,20 for 500ml ,in fact it is my favorite beer from Poland most shops in uk only charge £1.09 to 1.20 per can or bottle

  21. Dilip Rai Says:

    OKOCIM MOCNE ROCKS… Loved it!!!

  22. Bob Janes Says:

    okocim Mocne is my Favorite polish beer do not find it gassy as a lot of other lager/beers, it is superb on draught. cannot get it locally have to travel nearly 20 miles to buy in cans

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