Cider Review: Strongbow Sirrus

WHAT is your biggest complaint about your favourite cider? Is it too dry? Not apple-y enough? Whatever you want your cider to be more of, or less of, you’ve probably never complained that your cider wasn’t smooth enough. Fixing this problem that didn’t need fixing is Strongbow Sirrus. A “Smooth Cider”.

Strongbow Sirrus bottle

The bottle is cool and stylish. Being completely transparent, the orange-y cider within gives it a great look on the shelf in Tesco.

The neck label is the only part that isn’t transparent.

Strongbow Sirrus neck label

There’s the “Strongbow” name and logo. Then there’s the completely different “Sirrus” typeface. Besides all the arcing lines bouncing around, what catches your eye are the words “Best Served Over Ice”.

The main front label is much the same as the neck label. Almost identical in fact.

Strongbow Sirrus front label

The biggest differences are that it’s mostly transparent. And, instead of the advice about ice, it has “Smooth Cider”. I like it. The “Sirrus” name and arcing lines give it a different look to every other cider, including other Strongbow’s. This is a cider trying to appeal to the sophisticated young urbanite. Someone who has shiny granite surfaces in their kitchen, and complains about the carbon footprint of other people.

As is the custom with cider, there’s almost nothing to read on the back label.

Strongbow Sirrus back label

In this case, that’s no bad thing. What makes the bottle so stylish is that nothing gets in the way of your view of the orange liquid inside it. The extent of the description is that this is “a smooth tasting cider” and that it is “best served over ice”. Nothing we didn’t know already from the front of the bottle.

Fortunately, the vital statistics of this drink are the most prominent things here. This is a 500 millilitre bottle. And the alcoholic volume is a reasonable, for a cider, 5%. That translates into 2.5 UK units of alcohol. And if you were in any doubt as to how much of your daily amount that is, there’s a little guide on the subject here too.

The long list of ingredients has only one item. And it’s not, amazingly the sulphites that are the only item on every other cider. Instead, this one “contains sulphur dioxide”. What’s that? Is it the same thing as sulphites?

Strongbow is a Bulmer brand. And so, unsurprisingly, it has the HP Bulmer Ltd address in Hereford. It also has an email address and a telephone number in case you want to say something to them.

So, how smooth is Strongbow Sirrus? What’s it like and is it any good? Time to answer some questions.

Strongbow Sirrus poured into a glass

What caught me off guard was the head. Normally, cider doesn’t have one. But, poured onto a handful of ice cubes, a big head frothed up. It disappeared quickly, but watch out if you pour this one.

The colour is no surprise. More orange in colour than some. In looks at least, it’s the David Dickinson of ciders. As for smell, there is barely any. If you sniff hard enough, you can just about detect a whiff of apples. But it really is faint.

A few gulps in, and there’s little radically different to be found here. The taste is of apples, and has all the tanginess and sourness that goes with it. And that’s a taste which is welcome after the weak flavoured Bulmers ciders.

My main complaint with most Strongbow’s is the dryness. Why anyone would want a drink that makes you thirsty? Sirrus doesn’t go down that route. Not fully at least. I’m having a hard time figuring out if this is not very dry or not very sweet. So I’m going to call it as being a little sweeter than it is dry. Your thoughts in the comments at the end of the post as usual please.

Then there’s the smoothness. I have to agree, it is smooth. And why that is, becomes clear when you discover that you’re not burping. That’s because Sirrus is hardly carbonated at all. Despite the massive head that frothed up at first, there are hardly any bubbles in the glass.

The relatively sweet flavour, and the smoothness add up to a drinkable cider. They also give it qualities that I haven’t seen elsewhere, so it scores distinctiveness points too.

And I would give it a high rating, if it weren’t for a few niggles. Probably because of the smoothness , the refreshing-ness is lacking. Even with the ice in the glass, this crucial part of any cider was missing.

How to sum up Strongbow Sirrus? It’s a smooth cider. If you want a cider that’s reasonably tasty and doesn’t make you burp all the time, then this is one to try. If, however, you want a refreshing cider, or a dry cider, then look elsewhere. Overall, different and not bad.

Rating: 3.75

Have you tried Strongbow Sirrus? What did you think of it?
Leave your corrections, opinions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions and recommendations here please.


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10 Responses to “Cider Review: Strongbow Sirrus”

  1. Jess Says:

    My biggest complaint with Strongbow in a can, is the can! They seem to have made it thinner, so just a tiny tumble will split the can!! SO annoyed! Just got a cold one out the fridge that had fallen out the bag the other day when I bought it, and there was a tiny split in the can, so it had gone flat!

    Oh, don’t freeze these cans either, as when the liquid freezes and it expands, it also splits the can!

    Rubbish packaging!

  2. phil Says:

    I dont have a shiny granite top in my kitchen, but the Sirrus Cider appeals to me and I do like the cider.I prefer it chilled as I am not a lover of Ice in beer, lager, or cider. I prefer a cider that you can enjoy without feeling bloated after a couple of glasses.I am an occassional summer cider drinker that prefers it as a refreshing alternative to lager on those balmy hot summer evenings. Its a winner for me!

  3. mike Says:

    could you please tell me the name and contact of address of strong bow marketing director

  4. mike Says:

    could you please send me the name and contact address of strong bow marketing director uk

  5. Ian Robinson Says:

    Sirrus cider is my favourite drink. I love it. Maybe a bit too much…

  6. ADAM F Says:



  7. dawn Says:

    cant find this cider sirrus anywhere where can i buy it from

  8. the old soak Says:

    i love the fact that the photos look like blurry drunk eyesight. you must have enjoyed a few while taking them. you old soak!

  9. kelly cheeseman Says:

    please could you tell me where this cider is available only i can not find it anywhere and its greatly missed..

    many thanks

  10. Jimbo Says:

    This is my Favourite Cider of all time. It’s Sirrusly good. I think it’s out of production now, but I’d love to know where to get some.

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