Beer Review: Bavaria Holland Beer

NORMAL service is resumed tonight with another bottle of beer. Four bottles of beer in fact. That’s because Tesco was offering this four-pack of little bottles of Dutch beer for half-price. Even if it’s only mediocre, which I expect it to be, that’s going to be £1.94 pence that’s well spent. But how good is it? Lets find out.

Bavaria Holland Beer 4-pack

If the cardboard packaging that holds the bottles in place doesn’t do it for you, then neither will the bottles themselves. All four of them are thoroughly unremarkable, green bottles.

Bavaria Holland Beer bottle

And it gets worse. The tops aren’t proper bottle tops. Instead, in tiny writing, it tells you to “Twist to Open”. It’ll never catch on.

What about the neck label?

Bavaria Holland Beer neck label

Well… it has one. It has an inoffensive green shiny orange colour scheme. It features the strange “Bavaria” logo, with what looks like barley either side of it. And the words “Bavaria Holland Beer”. And that in itself it a mystery. I checked on Google Earth earlier today, and I’m happy to report that Bavaria is still located in southern Germany. Is it cashing in on the famous German region? Or an honest geographical blunder? What is going on here?

The front label garishly answers some questions.

Bavaria Holland Beer front label

The top of the roundel proudly gives us the good news that this is “Genuine Imported”. But from where? “Produced in Holland” follows the curve of the top border. Although we had already guessed that by the name “Bavaria Holland Beer”.

To it’s credit, we do get what I think is a place name. That’s because inside the border is the name “Lieshout Holland”. Has anyone reading this ever been there? What’s is like?

The top half also has an “Anno”. This one dates back to 1719. An early date, hinting at decent heritage. The bottom border of the label roundel has the ever re-assuring words “Family Brewed Premium Beer”. Maybe I’m being too harsh on this one?

Over on the back label, the mystery surrounding this beer isn’t exactly cleared.

Bavaria Holland Beer back label

The morass of poorly laid out foreign languages makes it a pain to pick out anything I could understand. Fortunately, the vital statistics are prominent for all to see and understand. This bottle is the typical 33 centilitres (330 millilitres) and has an alcoholic volume of 5%. That makes this possibly the most typical bottle I’ve ever had.

There is a block of text, which I think has the address of the brewery. But it doesn’t have it in English, so I can’t be sure. So, as you’re busy trying to pick out some recognisable words, you’ll miss the web address, which is listed at The front page is the usual, with a place to enter your age and country. If you want to skip that, then go straight to where you can discover that is uses Flash and doesn’t work well with your Firefox web browser.

Amongst the multilingual block dedicated to ingredients, there is, lo and behold, an English language section. For the curious, the ingredients are “purest mineral water, barley malt, wheat, hops”. With my expectations suitably levelled, it’s time to open this bottle and investigate what lies within. Not forgetting to answer the big questions of what it’s like and is it any good?

Bavaria Holland Beer poured into a glass

This beer comes with a head. A big one. So watch out for that when you pour. It also stays around for longer than some others. The photo doesn’t show it clearly, but the colour is a very lagery pale yellow.

What about the smell? It’s not a bad beer smell. A more rounded smell of barley and wheat than most lagers. But less interesting than many beers. And blown away by any ale. This one doesn’t have a strong smell. But at least it has one.

And the taste? Does it taste like a lager? In a word; no. The taste is light, and of the barley malt and wheat. A taste that is quickly followed by an equally light hoppy bitterness. The interesting thing is, it doesn’t have that ‘sharp’, unpleasant bitterness of a cheap lager. Instead, the bitterness is light and lingers only a brief time.

Unexpectedly, there are some things I am liking about Bavaria Holland Beer. First, it doesn’t appear at least to be a lager. That means, instead of having the taste profile of a puddle, it tastes of beer. You can taste many of the ingredients, and none of them jump out and surprise you. It isn’t gassy. I’d go as far as to say that this is a refreshing and easy to drink beer.

On the other hand, there’s plenty to dislike here. The word “Premium” on the front is practically false advertising, because this beer tastes cheap. Although the flavours aren’t unpleasant, it doesn’t taste as refined and well crafted as I would like. The flavours themselves, whilst inoffensive, aren’t exactly delicious. As for the drinkability, that comes from the watery-ness of the thing.

To sum up, Bavaria Holland Beer is cheap but drinkable. Especially if you can buy it at half-price. If you can afford it though, do yourself a favour and buy something better.

Rating: 2.55

Have you tried Bavaria Holland Beer? What did you think of it? Are you thinking of trying it? Or have I put you off it completely?
Here is the place to leave your corrections, opinions, thoughts, suggestions and recommendations with the world.

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50 Responses to “Beer Review: Bavaria Holland Beer”

  1. Don Says:

    Best beer I have ever tasted !!!!

  2. Aart Says:

    Why the blabla about the name. Bavaria is choosen in the early ages by the family because they learned the profession of brewing on a German university in…..jaja….Bavaria.
    This beer is brewed pilsener style (must i add that ALL of the worlds Pilsener beers are brewed on this Pilzn_way… a town in the Czech Rep ?)
    If the autor wants a more interesting beer, then Pilsener beer isnt what he searches for: He wants the Strong lagers, the Trappists or something like that.
    If you put Bavaria amongst other Pilseners (no other type of beer) it scores VERY HIGH on taste, prooven by the good results in flavortests here in Europe. And it BEATS HEINEKEN in the same tests !!!!!

    Bavaria is a no-nonsense very drinkable and pretty tasted PILSENER….if the author wants something interesting….get a Trappist ale from LaTrappe…also Dutch but really different kind of beer. And pay 4 times as much for it, as well.

    I hate to say it: but half-the-price for Bavaria beer is a f…. insult !!!!!!!
    I would have made it as expensive as Heineken for you Americans to try.
    Dont think cheap is less quality….here the author is ABSOLUTELY wrong and NOT OBJECTIVE in his opinion, only because the price let’s him think it’s from less quality…
    NB: And in Europe the site with Flash works…..because the most of us use Explorer from MS 🙂

    • Bill Dickens Says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Aart. Much better than Heineken. I am more of an ale person myself but, as far as pilsners go, this is an excellent sample and I still have eleven more to enjoy.

  3. M Says:

    Well I am in UK and I have to agree with the last user’s comment. This is a great beer, puts so-called British lagers (that taste awful) to shame. Even amongt the Czech, German and Polish beers I tend to prefer, this fits in well with them, and tastes very pure and light. I picked this up at my local Tesco, having not tasted it before, and I was pleasantly surprised. I find it odd, that in UK (a nation of beer drinkers), not one brewery can brew a decent lager beer, (although we do tend to be good at ales), so I fail to understand the criticism levelled at Bavaria Beer. I think this beer from Netherlands, and I will certainly be buying it again sometime. Light, full of flavour and crispy, very refreshing and another great example from Europe of how to brew a beer. 9/10.

  4. Connysewer Says:

    Half price at JS this week and the author is right – it’s piss. It’s not unpleasant but there’s no bite. I reckon I could drink 10 pints and not be assholed I can’t believe it’s 5%. A beer to buy cheap and supply to the guests whilst you keep the Carlsberg Export, Grolsch and Stella for yourself.

  5. PeterA Says:

    I’m from Canada but I normally only drink British or European imports. the only Canadian beer I drink is from our fine selection of micro breweries, not the piss that Molson and Labatt make.

    That being said I quite enjoy Bavaria Holland Beer. It’s a fine summer beer at an incredible price. $1.85 for 500 ml while its competition retail between $2.20 and $2.40.

    • Bruce Wilson Says:

      I to am Canadian,Bavaria is my first choice for taste and great value. Now $12 for 6 cans 500ml.
      The pricing strategy in Ontario is smart. I purchase two or so
      (48 cans) at a time and enjoy it 5 times more then Heineken.
      small size large price.
      Be it summer at the lake or winter in doors it never makes you sick if over drinking because it has premuim ingredients and mineral water from a great one source spring. Can other beers state the same ?

  6. Amir Khabazipoor Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam;
    My name is Amir Khabbazipour.I am the manager of Ivanab mineral water
    company in Iran.
    We are going to establish a non alcoholic beer company in Iran.We would
    like to work under your license.I am wondering if you can kindly provide
    me with your telephone number so that I can call you. I should like to
    express my sincere gratitude towards you.
    Yours Faithfully
    Amir Khabbazipour

  7. Fluffy Says:

    what are the ingredients in holland Bavaria Beer?

    • craigk Says:

      Bavaria Holland beer consists of malted barley,hops and wheat…which is very high in vit. B…something the manufacturer won’t tell u….cheers for your health…drink up honey…haha,haha

  8. Wij Says:

    Bavaria is a value brand really, both in the UK and in Ireland. It’s very common in Galway.

    But for all it’s cheapness it’s drinkable for the budget-minded amongst us.

    Have you reviewed ASDA Hollandia beer at all ? Now that IS cheap. 4x440x3% for 90p. Inoffensive in that it has no flavour.

  9. craigk Says:

    I am from Canada and just tried Bavaria Holland just a day a go.
    I found it very drinkable and crisp.I enjoyed it very much apposed to pissy American beer.
    I guess you’s just don’t know a good cheap beer when you taste one…in my opinion…Bavarian is a winner!!!!!!

  10. craigk Says:

    I like American beer and I love U.K. beer…Bavaria Holland beer meets and exceeds my expectations of a good quality affordable beer….Cheers Bavaria!!!

  11. craigk Says:

    Bavaria rules…it rocks my world…hip hip,get me another Bavaria please!!!!

  12. Rodster Says:

    I drinking it now as I type. My local Albertson’s supermarket usually sells beers that aren’t popular by dropping the price drastically. I’ve had the opportunity to sample some really good beers for the cheap.

    Enter Bavaria Light. I found it for about $5 and I must say while the reviewer did a wonderful job of describing the beer it’s pretty good for a $5 six pack.

  13. John Osborne Says:

    I bought a 6 pak of litre cans today for 3.99…which would be somthing like 1.75 EUROS. which comes out to about .30 Euros per can. Is it worth it? I don’t know but the stuff tastes very very similar to Heineken. Infact if you put a glass of the stuff in front of me I would say I was drinking Heinies. However around here Heinies is over a buck fifty a can as opposed to pennys a can. and I am talking 12 ounces for a heinies and 23 ounces for a bavaria. I am going to buy a palate of this stuff. (which is 25 cases or 600 cans)

  14. Anonymous Says:

    My name is Ceara Hayden.
    I ‘m a loyal customer as i love to drink Bavaria!!!
    I’ ve been trying to get my hands on a Bavaria poster &
    not had any luck. So if you could would you please post a one out to me. Also if you have any t-shirts or jumpers i’d be more than happy to promote Bavaria.
    Thanks for your help.

    13 Kindlestown Lower
    Co . Wicklow

  15. martin Says:

    i live in cyprus and drink bavaria beer al the time it is very tasty and in the hot weather when very cold supasses the locally brewewd beers,keo very nice in autum and winter ,locally brewed carlsberg tastes like the worst beer in the world and is the only beer ever to give me a headache the next day

  16. John Paul Says:

    I tend to agree with most of the comments above, that although this beer is not something that will win Gold Medals, it is quite good for what it is, an inexpensive pilsener type lager. The most disturbing thing about this beer is the rather absurd review it got from the author. I suggest he stick with reviewing the BEER and not the packaging/bottle. The verbose and boorish prelude to the actual assessment of the BEER made me wonder about the validity of the assessment. If I had wanted a review about the appearance of a BOTTLE (I actually find the bottle rather attractive, in a funky garrish kind of way), I would have googled Beer Bottle Reviews! No offense, but review the BEER, please (and perhaps stick with English Ales, which I think you Brits brew exceptionally well). Cheers! Beer Loving Yank (who does not like the usual American Donkey Piss)

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Buy a new camera!

  18. Dave Says:

    I just tried Bavaria. I’m glad I only bought 2 cans. The comments on price rather than taste is telling.

  19. Dave Says:

    are telling.

  20. Tom Says:

    I buy four of the 440ml cans from Asda for £2.68 and I tend to drink it alongside other things in the same night. I find it a very good beer for the price and personally think it tastes great. I understand where you get the wateryness comment from though but it is definitely a great filler if you want to have a light and easy to drink beer. I’d give it a 6 out of 10!

  21. Douglas Says:

    It was half price at tescos as they have stopped stocking it 😦 a shame as this was one of my favourite beers, cheap and great tasting. Although if anyone who previously got this at tescos wants to know where else sells it.. I found that morrisons also sell it. I can’t really understand why anyone has a problem with the taste, smooth and low carbonation with some subtle bitter hoppy flavours with a dry crisp after taste, sure it isn’t the most complex taste but its a good enjoyable beer at a low price, with a flavour that is pleasingly different to most pilsners of this catagory.

  22. Nancy Laughrey Says:

    My husband and I visited Lieshout when we won a sweepstakes for a trip around the world provided by the Bavarian Beer company. It was wonderful to have a tour of the plant. The people
    could not have been nicer to us.

  23. Paul Says:

    Just picked up a six pack from my local bottleshop in Randwick, Sydney, Australia for the bargain price of $11.99 AUD! Unbelievable value.

    You would probably pay $20 per six pack for heineken.

    Tastes pretty good to me.

  24. Conrad Says:

    After drinking Alberta Pilsner like forever, someone told me to give Bavaria a try and I never looked back. Affordable and no bitter taste like most Canada cheap beers. I like the 500ml size as well. I believe made from spring water as well, no fluorides and junk… very fine beer.
    Cheers from Canada


  25. HansNL Says:

    Bavaria Beer, I miss it. In Thailand, where I live, we have Heinepiss, lots of local brews, but all brewed in the US-style. Bavaria beer has a surprising tendency: it makes you drunk much faster as Heineken/Amstel. Why? Nobody seems to know. However, if you really like pils, try to get the real Grolsch. Now that is e beer!

  26. Séamus Says:

    Bavaria is available in Ireland on tap also. The quality is far better than that of a can or bottle. In my opinion, you can find better tasting beer from a bottle.

  27. Blaine Barber Says:

    One of my favourite beers if I’m going to be having more than 2 drinks. Not something I would bother with if I wanted 1 exceptional glass of beer… I think it does its job exceptionally well!

  28. Marc Says:

    Currently £1 for 500ml in Lidl but anyone thinking this is a decent German brew needs forewarning. It’s a typical slightly soapy tasting Dutch mass produced lager. The company is called Bavaria but if I were from the real Bavaria I’d be sending a tank division or two up north to preserve the reputation.

    • Aart Says:

      Bavaria is NOT SOLD in the Lidl !

      I know—because i work at bavaria Holland Beer

      • Aart Says:

        Oops—it is :)—-
        WOW—what a buy for a buck !
        German Bavaria fights the name all over the world—why?—because we SELL more then the german lager—they all ENVIE us over there in der Heimat

  29. Aart Says:

    3 years later the blog is still active—haha—i like that.

    Next year do NOT forget: Bavaria City Racing in DUBLIN

    just google it !

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Bought for £1 for 500ml in lidl, not bad at that price. Im normally a real ale drinker but cant stand bottled real ale much prefer draught stuff.

    This lager is very drinkable whilst i cook dinner for my wife and baby daughter !! Cheers!!!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    I bought a 500ml can of this stuff last night. I thought it was a wonderful easy drinking beer and as a matter of fact I might buy about 10 can tonight! Light, clean, clear and delicious! Just perfect!

    It’s a well priced beer and beats the living heck out of any of our Australian lagers or pilsners.

  32. Brad Says:

    Just bought some of this for the first time tonight. Quite enjoyable, but anyone who says it’s superior to Heineken is kidding themselves.

  33. beer drinker Says:

    is it available in ontario canada?

  34. Ken Holland Says:

    I bought it and drank a few bottles of it. It was lousy. Just lousy. It was cheap, but I have bought cheap beers that tasted fine—not spectacular, but drinkable. A few bottles of this stuff was enough for me—I poured the other bottles down the sink and recycled the glass. I am not a huge fan of Dutch beer to begin with. But this was worse than most of them.

  35. Anonymous Says:


  36. john phillips Says:

    john from worcester england our local lidl sell this for 99p for a 500ml bottle and i think it,s a cracking drink,it has got good head retention a nice “straw”colour a lovely hoppy aroma,we can all wax on about our own particular taste in beer but give this a go…….i think you will like.

  37. brian Says:

    I buy this beer in Tasmania, low alcohol.good for an Aussie thirst
    At least it tastes like beer, not the chemicalised American style brewed here….Comes with an attractive glass with every 24 pack.and good news not a twist cap which loses pressure over time…And better news is that I can use the bottles for my home brew as they look strong enough to stand up to a naturally fermented beer that all beer should..Brian

  38. Rodion Says:

    When I’m not drinking local microbrews, Bavaria is my #1. I buy at least 6x500ml per week, great value for a great pilsener (~$13 here in Western Canada). Best macro-brewed beer on Earth if you ask me.

    • Bruce Says:

      I agree Rodion Best Macro-brewed beer you can buy.
      In southern Ont Cdn. Price is $12 plus can deposit.
      The European customers donot have the 500ml can option.
      Which is lite weight to pack on travel trips
      . I purchase 24 cans a week and share!
      Try drinking with low salt whole wheat soda crackers.
      President’s Choice brand
      Good Beer at the end of the day+a comfortable chair=Happyness.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    This lager is currently available in Tesco at £0.88p for a 500ml bottle. Although I am a beer drinker this is ok stuff on a hot day.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    I like to know where to buy Bavaria beer

  41. Simunparida Says:

    1 standard

  42. David Aldridge Says:

    This stuff is disgusting.

  43. Steve Says:

    Currently on additional / clearance price at our local Tesco, 58p a bottle (500ml)

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