Beer Review: Crest Super 10% Super Strength Premium Lager

A YEAR ago, I tried all the super strength lagers I could lay my hands on. This meant subjecting myself to Tennent’s Super Strong Lager, Kestrel Super Strength Lager, Carlsberg Special Brew and Skol Super Strong Lager. They were universally awful means of alcohol consumption. Not surprisingly then, they’re a favourite of homeless alcoholics, which is why they’ve acquired the nick-name “tramp juice”.

Besides being revolting to anyone who drinks less than eight each day, there was one other commonality. They were all 9% alcoholic volume. For whatever reason; fear of regulation, corporate social responsibility or a gentlemen’s agreement, there were none above 9% this side of the English channel. That’s what I thought, until I found this. From an off-license in Kennington, South London, here is a can of Crest Super 10% Super Strength Premium Lager.

Crest Super front of can

At first sight, everything looks promising. For a start, this has a classy purple exterior, unlike the stripy competition. It has pictures of hops and a “Master Brewers” ‘seal, all adding to the sense that this is a real beer.

It even has a proper roundel. With two bears at the top, the upper border says “Brewed With Best Quality Barley Malt”. And the lower border has words continuing with “And The Finest German Aroma Hops”. So this is German is it? If you’re going to have a strong beer, Germany is one of the places you want it to be from. This is shaping up very well indeed.

Crest Super join side of the can

Turning the can around, you won’t find much on this side. There’s a join. And the words “Serve Cool”. Advice I intend to pay heed to when it comes to tasting this mysterious, yet probably explosive beverage.

Crest Super barcode side of can

Ah good. This side has some writing. Lets read it. Maybe it says from where in Germany it came?

No. No it doesn’t say that. Right at the top, it says “Brewed And Canned By: The Crest Brewing Co. A Division of Wells & Young’s Brewing Company Ltd, Havelock Street, Bedford UK, MK40 4LU”. Regular readers will know that any beer that pretends to be imported when it isn’t immediately gets docked points. Would you rather try something from Bavaria or Bedfordshire?

It’s not necessarily bad news though. That is the same Wells & Young’s who brought us Bombardier Burning Gold, Luxury Double Chocolate Stout, Banana Bread Beer and the magnificent Bombardier Satanic Mills bottled ales. Yet they seem intent on hurting their name with licensed beers like Kirin Ichiban and this can of Crest Super.

Back to what the can says, and next up come the vital statistics. This is a big 500ml can. Oddly, for a UK produced can with a 10% alcoholic volume, I can’t find any UK units of alcohol rating. An intentional regulatory and moral dodge? Or an innocent omission? Your opinions at the end of this post please.

Another oddity is that the only English language in that big block of sideways text is telling you to look under the can for the best before end date. It has a full list of ingredients, but in German. Not English. Luckily, our language is similar enough to German for me to make sense of what it says. If you’re expecting the ingredients to be of typical beer ingredients plus some chemicals, you’d be spot-on.

Right then. I was hoping to drag out the descriptive part of this review as long as possible. But I’ve run out of things to read on the can. I’m going to have to drink this stuff and try to describe what it’s like. A task I’ve been putting off for weeks already.

What does Crest Super 10% Super Strength Premium Lager, the strongest beer I’ve ever tried taste like? Will be as drinkable as I’m hoping? Or as vomit inducing as I’m fearing? Curiosity is getting the better of me as it’s time to find out…

Crest Super poured into a glass

There’s some head. But not much. After a few moments, you’re left with a patch of foam. But what get’s me is the colour. That bright orange-amber colour would look more at home on a cider. It looks as natural as Jordan.

Does it smell as synthetic as it looks? The roundel promised the “Finest German Aroma Hops”. I’d say that it smells like the other super strength lagers. But maybe slightly more delicate. Whatever the case, you can’t hide from the distinctly un-beery smell of this and other super strength lagers. It reminds me of the smell of gobstoppers or other such sweets. Not a natural and tasty beer.

How does it taste? I’m going into this with a totally open mind, by the way. No prejudice whatsoever. So what does it taste like?

Two gulps in and I realise that gulps are the wrong way to go. If I’m to avoid seeing my dinner again, sips over the course of the night are the only way to go.

How can I describe it? Not easily. My entire digestive system is currently telling me not to consume any more. The rest of this review might be a bit shorter than normal.

A few minutes later, and I gingerly attempt a few sips. Unusually for a lager, it does have a hit of flavour. A flavour of hops and chemicals and think. It’s hard to pin down because of the massive aftertaste that swamps you. You get hit with a gigantic wave of bitterness, alcohol and chemicals. Unsurprisingly, it lingers for a good long time.

Nearly a quarter of the way through now, so what am I enjoying about Crest Super? I like that does something a little different to the other super strength lagers. I like that it’s 1% stronger. If I were an alcoholic or someone who enjoying drinking many cans of super strength each day, I would be delighted with Crest Super.

What am I not enjoying about Crest Super? Nearly everything. It is the most undrinkable beer I’ve had in more than a year of doing this blog. I doubt I’m going to finish this beer tonight, and it’s the first time that’s ever happened. It’s as if my body is shouting “no more! Please no more!” after every sip. This literally gut wrenching effect means I can’t even start to enjoy the flavour and taste.

How can I sum up Crest Super? It is the most extreme beer I have ever tried. It is the strongest. And the most undrinkable. Slightly different to the other super strength lagers, but not necessarily better. If you are an alcoholic, or if you enjoying drinking many cans of super strength lager each day, then you will love Crest Super. If however, you’re a normal person, then you probably won’t. It will either send you to drunken oblivion or to the toiler to throw up. But maybe I’m looking at it all wrong. Maybe you should treat it not as a beer, but as a spirit. It certainly tastes like one.

Rating: I’ll leave that up to you.

Have you tried Crest Super? Draught or out of a can? What did you think of it?

Do please leave your opinions, corrections, thoughts, requests, recommendations and places to buy.


Armed with experience from my first can, and from the comments sections from the other super strength lagers, my second can of Crest Super was much better. I can confirm that it’s absolutely essential to drink it only while it’s very very cold. Even if this means leaving the dregs at the bottom, because the contents will have warmed up too much in your hand. And don’t do what I did and pour it out. Drink it from the can to make sure you don’t accidentally smell it.

With this in mind, you can nearly enjoy it. At Arctic temperatures, it really does have a long, hoppy finish. And yes, the can is more solid than others. But there’s still better ways to get wasted than this.

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88 Responses to “Beer Review: Crest Super 10% Super Strength Premium Lager”

  1. Foucault's Bulldog Says:

    Well written and very funny piece. Just enjoying a can of Super Kestrel right now and finishing my thesis. I live in South London (Camberwell) so will have to pick up a can of this sumptious ‘Crest’. Will let you know how it is.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Ken Says:

    Sorry, can’t agree with your assessment (and I’m not a homeless alcoholic; I’m not even an alcoholic – yet…) I’m drinking a can of Crest Super 10% right now and while I agree that it has a very strong and bitter taste, that is what I’d expect from a very-high alcohol beer. I find that low alcohol beers are usually pretty tasteless and “watery”. High alcohol beers, on the other hand, are more of a taste “sensation” caused mainly by the alcohol content. If you’ve ever drunk something like vodka then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Once in a while a drink like Crest 10% is something I look forward too, after a couple of months of drinking mostly “average” beers (taste-wise and alcohol-wise).

    The highest alcohol percentage beer I’ve drunk is Gordon’s Finest Platinum Beer (12%) which was brewed in Belgium. Similar tasting to Crest from what I can remember, but certainly not undrinkable.

    Auckland, New Zealand

    • Anonymous Says:

      I am with you Ken, I am not homeless or alcoholic but the high percentage beers are great! I am from Wellington new zealand and most of the supermarkets here sell a 12% beer called Atlas. Crest is a close second option for me.

      I don’t think much of this review, especially as he was judging the beer on a stereo type and had written it off before he even tried it.

  3. Kev Stronach Says:

    Any super stregnth lager is nice when you’re in the mood and this one is nicer than most. Ignore what it says on the tin and serve at room temperature.

  4. Mark Raymond Says:

    I have not had any Crest Super. The product sounds as if I would use it to clean my teeth rather than drink. The label indicates sugar and maize, Americans call it corn, are used. The German purity law forbids those in anything called beer. The can may have German writing on it however I am certian that it is not brewed there. If you would like to try drinks that may still be called beer while also having an even higher percentage of alcohol I would suggest these two. The first is “SKULL SPLITTER” Orkney Ale from Scottland. My impression was that I might get a skull splitting headache from drinking it. I was mistaken. It was named for a warrior king from the area. The second is “EKU 28” from Kulmbach, Germany. Both beers are viscous and carmalised. I suspect that they are concentrated by boiling the wort before it is fermented. A person may be tempted to eat these beers with a spoon but they are still drinkable.

  5. Ken Says:


    The label on the can that I kept says “Brewed With Best Quality Barley Malt And The Finest German Aroma Hops”. The ingredients (from the side of the can) are: water, malt, malt barley, maise, maise syrup (non-standard spelling of “maize”), sugar, hops, hop extract, carbon dioxide, papain, stabiliser E405. The can doesn’t have German writing on it, but it does have Arabic writing on the other side from the ingredients list (which of course doesn’t mean that it was made in the Middle East either).

    The “brewed and canned by” says :Prodotta E Confezionata Da: Brassee Et Mise En Boite Par: Crest Brewing Co. A Division Of Wells & Young’s Brewing Co.Ltd, Havelock Street, Bedford UK. (ie. it is brewed and canned in Bedford, England).

    You should try one, it isn’t too bad if you’re in the mood. I certainly wouldn’t waste my money by cleaning my teeth in it. Savouring the taste by drinking it is the only way to go.

    Auckland, New Zealand

  6. Ben Says:

    me and my good buddy think of ourselves as amateur beer conercers, and we were enjoying the alcohol content of kestrel super, when decided to go and get another, we came across ,under the only working light in the shop, a label we saw..10%.. could it really be? we bought this mysterious beverage back to our house and poured it in a glass. i had a sip and,i, thought it was like a wine, and it was closer to a syrup than water. this is when my buddy looked at me and told me it was time. i begged him not to challenge me but he did…..a downing competition was announced. ive never turned one down and this was teh first time ive ever regretted not turning one down. we chugged away and i could feel it burning away at my throat, we each finished at roughly the same time, and we each felt the effects after a minute, we felt ourselves slowely getting drunk for example we would speak a sentance and that sentance would get funnier the longer it went on. we got so drunk that night, we woke up to find pizza in the oven, we didnt even have any pizza in teh house. In conclusion, i will not be sampling this beer again, infact i dont even want to look at it. My friend however swears by it now.
    unless you want to be put off gods gift to earth, a cold beer, for a week

    west midlands, uk

  7. Tom Roberts Says:

    Much like the last comment i found this stuff for the first time in a little off licence on the outskirts of a shithole estate. I saw the “10%” and though “hell yeah!” It was cheap too and i was looking to get drunk on a budget. Well i agree. its like radioactive petrol but 2 cans and im cooked! Whenever i need to get drunk on the cheap i make a little pilgramage to this little store and pick myself a couple of cans of this magic, it dont taste good sure, but i doubt thats the intention.

  8. julian Says:

    i’ve been drinking super strength lager for years and it’s great. pints of stella work wonders in pubs but at home – no thanks. special brew has got a bad name but that’s ridiculous.homeless people drink super strength cider, white lightening, white strike, white supremacy and the like… this stuff is rougher and cheaper than special brew but it does the job. why drink 2 cans when you can drink one/ cheers all1

  9. Conky Says:

    Brings back terrible memories of University and drinking 6 of these consecutively. Predictable and idiotic results. Just seeing a picture of this stuff brought back it’s wretched smell… ughh, awful.

  10. craigk Says:

    I like a strong beer every once in a while…
    I usually drink a brand called Faxe…an import from Denmark,it is a wonderful strong beer,rather bitter but more natural in ingredients than Crest…
    Whatis the reason for Crest to include the chemicals in their beer…when it is not necessary?…Is it the copy right process?
    Crest was drinkable to me…but for the same price here in Canada…well,I may as well get the more natural stuff…right???
    All I can say for Crest is…Nice try Wells…But you can’t ever beat the true 10% beer from Germany…Faxe…they rue!!!…

  11. craigk Says:

    Super Crest in my opinion is very artificial and a very poor example of a fine extra strong beer.
    I too like a strong beer,like Ken says…ordinary beer gets watery tasting and tasteless…so after seeing the ingredients of Crest,I searched for a more promising beer with no chemicals in it.
    Could it be possible???…Yes!!!
    I found a beer called FAXE 10% Brewed by Royal Unibrew A\S from Denmark,Dania,Danija.
    It has all the ingredients of Crest but without all the chemicals.
    Try it…I think you’ll like it better.

  12. KillaSkill Says:

    I tries it today in can and ahem out of can in to mouth. It was far more reminiscent of a labatt beer and tasted better than Faxe 10%. Beg to differ? Death.before.having.dishonor (at)

  13. alkie Says:

    The comments and the review are in line with my own experiences. We agreed on every single thing you said in your review of the super strengths, except Crest. I rate this second to Special Brew only in taste, though I agree it tastes mildly synthetic I don’t find it to be so more than Tenants or whatever, and it’s taste is quite light and delicate making it easy for me to down.

    Among the street drinkers, there are people who like Crest and who don’t. It’s the Marmite of the beers, this one you will either find it just fine or hate it with a passion.

  14. Doug Says:

    Just spotted this one in the cooler at the local beer store and am enjoying the hell out of it and will be going back to snag some more!

    Crest for my beer and Crest for my teeth!

  15. Ema Says:


    I’ve just found this review while “enjoying” a tin of Crest Super: tonight, after my music reharsals here in Genoa (Italy), I found myself on my way back home at 8:30 p.m., willing to buy a beer and seeing that the only open market at that time was the small exhotic one (selling Oriental food and so on) across the street. Therefore, I ended up buying this tin and while drinking it some hours later, I ended up “googling it” as well. I can say it tastes rather unnatural, and to me it falls in the league of those cheap alcohol-boosted beers like Tennents, Gordon (the most awful I’ve ever drunk), the strong Moretti (an Italian counterpart) and so on…

    being Italian and being used to drink wine, I can tell you that many “13%” bottles of good quality wines make you feel less dizzy than a single tin of Crest… that’s the reason why I’ve called it a “boosted beer”.

    I have to say I’m not pouring it down the toilet, but so far I’ve drunk much better strong beers which have a real natural taste and a reason to feature that alc. % … I’m mostly talking about Belgian strong beers (well… not Gordon, which is even delivered in gray plastic bottles! :-/ ) and small production double malt beers (like some good Italian ones, among the others)… by the way.



    p.s. I’ll record my double-bass parts tomorrow morning, I hope this beer won’t get in the way! 😛

  16. Dave Says:

    Frankly, I love this beer. Besides Stolichnaya and Moscovskaya vodka, it’s the only alcohol I buy. But, I am an alcoholic, so I don’t care about the taste, just the fact that three cans ($9.45 in Canada) gets you wasted :).

  17. thomas Says:

    This beer is certainly bearable. My brother and I had one each and I am tipsy. After drinking Milwaukee Ice tall boys regularly, this isn’t too bad. This is a good beer if you want to get a good buzz without getting bloated.

  18. S Davies Says:

    My husband is a chronic alcoholic and the future is not very optimistic – he has progressed from drinking 8 cans of the super beers, all the ones mentioned by you, a day up to 1 litre of vodka a day but following the last detox (third) I now find he is drinknig this beer which incidentally at 10% for 500ml I calculate as 5 units per can. I dont know how many he needs to drink before he passes out because it varies but I will let you know after he dies.

  19. alcotron Says:

    i hope you get fucking cirrhosis researching this fucking blog you fucking stuck up ignorant biggoted welsh cunt.

  20. Pedro Garcia Says:

    We LOVE Crest. Reminds us of the beer Granddad used to brew in his shed. Our favourite beer of all time.

    Peter and Richard



  21. Alec and Deane Says:

    I do believe that none of u have discovered the true reason for drinking super crest and the likes of it, with the exception of ben and his mate from west midlands (u guys got it in one!!).
    True, it can be enjoyed icy cold but not out of a can, it’s made to 500mls so it can fill a pint glass so make the most of it. However unless your in the mood, or and alcoholic, u simply shudnt be sipping a super beer, really how can u expect it to taste nice at 10%???
    the true purpose of these super beers is to SMASH THEM BACK!! pour it in, chug it back, feel the alcohol rush thru your body and party on!!
    I suggest u all try this, it’s a amazing feeling to go from sober to smashed in such a quick time.
    Drink responsibly

    Alec & Deane
    Rodney district
    New Zealand

    Grand nanny suede, u ain’t got shit!!

  22. Feldwebel Wolfenstool Says:

    Pretty raunchy, straight up, but tolerable in a “shandy” or a “red-eye”. You could always tell where buddy had been rock-hounding in the bush, by his trail of empty blue cans…

  23. William Mathieson Says:

    We used to drink it by the crate at university. As far as extra strong lagers go, Crest is of a pretty high standard. The only reason I don’t drink it now is because of the state it induces. However, after seeing it in all its glory, I’m tempted to pop to the local off licence and purchase a can!

  24. Garfield Says:

    Crest made me puke after drinking just one can 😦

  25. Casanova Says:

    Looking for a no hangover, high ABV beer, Guinness is great but just doesn’t pack the punch I’m looking for, will try Crest.

  26. Stu Says:

    £2.99 for 4? Billy bargain.

    Mix it with say quarter of a pint glass of lemonade, it tastes very good and still has the right results!


    West Midlands

  27. Nathan Says:

    Shit .0/10

  28. Manny Says:

    LOVED the review. I had the same exact experience last night. Bought a can of this kick in the nuts Lager. My first attempt at a strong lager. I must say that it tasted probably similar to ethanol fuel. Over here, the price of beer seems to reflect the amount of alcohol. So we pay over $3.50 Canadian for this beer. Such a shame. The worst part is that I got 3/4 through it and just couldn’t muster the strength to finish it. I was starting to gag. I even tried chasing it down with crackers and cheese.

  29. misghina tadesse Says:

    it was a very nice beer so i have acompany in dubai and south sudan
    and i am going to import this beer if their company giving us an agency in east africa

  30. Michael Long Says:

    A great beer. Reminds me of raves in New Cross back in the 90s.

    It would be great to see a review on Bestway’s HSL,
    the original that is before becoming Kings HSL.

    On becoming Kings HSL at the beginning of the millennium. the brew and can design changed massively for the worse.

    HSL gold can was truly the best tasting Super in the world in the 90s. It had a truly magical Quality to it.
    The original all Gold design was also a big winner on the trendy fashion design side.

    Not to mention the mythical 1st HSL can design (Blue can HSL) of which only one now exists in the world, under armed guard and bullet proof glass at the Beer museum in Belgium.

    I have never been but a friend who has and seen it, said it was a truly moving experience to see the mythical Blue Can HSL.

    Thou be it through 6 inch glass.

    Unfortunately there are no pictures on the internet of it. And taking photos was not allowed.

    Just for the record I do own an original graphic art of the 2nd classic can design Gold Can HSL which i must scan and post up for fans of the 90s super beer classic to see.


  31. Dave Says:

    Craigk, I disagree. I always thought Faxe Extra Strength would be better, but I really find it less drinkable. I can chug half a can of Crest at a time, but Faxe, I don’t know. It’s much more bitter and just doesn’t sit right. I only buy it when I don’t have enough cash for vodka ($9.45 for 3 cans of ES beer, 12.75 for a mick of vodka) and they don’t have Crest.

  32. Mr Vaginal Discharge Says:

    It contains 10% alcohol. To work out the UK units you need to know one piece of info and that is that 10ml of pure alcohol is 1 unit. For every 100 ml of this beer 10ml is alcohol, which means a 500ml can contains 5 units (0.5 more than 9% beers in the same size can). Health wise; you should not drink a whole can to yourself.

  33. K. Kubenz Says:

    If you ever need better photos…Call on me…$10 a pop for a JPEG. The stuff you presented looks like s@#t photowise for essentially a great product.


  34. josh Says:

    well i do have to say crest is my favorite beer, every time i go clubbing with my mates i have 3, in the space of 2 hours, its gets you hammered and thats what i like about it, and it is perfectly drinkable as long as you do not scull a can as one of my friends did and vomited, all in all i recommend this beer if you are wanting to get trolleyed fast, goddam i love this beer =)

    Tauranga New Zealand

  35. spiral Says:

    I like to consume a couple of cans before sex,
    I seem to last twice as long and strangly all inhibitions seem to go out the window!

  36. jeremy Says:

    this beer makes my pee super foamy!!

  37. Alden Says:

    Crest Super is THE best tasting ESL available in the UK …. & believe me, I’ve tried ’em all. I’ve always said that everyone has to have at least 1 “addiction/vice” in life, otherwise they’d go crazy. Alcohol & following Everton FC are MY only vices. Following Everton since the early 70’s has driven me, big style, to drink.

    I gave up drinking once & it was the most miserable 20 minutes of my life.

  38. mike Says:

    Crest super was ok for the price $nz 4.50, also saw a 12% ale but that were about 9 bucks. Mike.

  39. glen Says:

    this stuff is discusting its all about the special brew or kestral

  40. shake weight reviews Says:

    shake weight reviews…

    Beer Review: Crest Super 10% Super Strength Premium Lager « Hywel's Big Log…

  41. 2 tooks Says:

    If found this site because I was trying to look up the strength of Crest. I was cycing home from work tonight (yes, that’s right – I’ve got a job now!) and I got a hankering for Spesh – maybe not for long! (jobwise). I bought some, and thought about how it’s much more expensive now than it used to be. It used to be £1.35 a can with 13.5% extra free. Then I remembered Crest – £1.10 with 10% extra free at 10%, except that I thought it was £1.11 at 11%.
    ‘11%!’ I thought. ‘Was that just some kind of fantasy that’s managed to record itself as actualtity in my pickled brain?’ Turns out it was.
    Anyway, as any street drinker (or ex-street drinker) will tell you – drink spesh – it will keep you alive. Seriously – I’ve had lots of friends die. But Crest comes second best. I like it. I think it tastes good. Quality super strength lager costs, but white cider kills after a few years.

  42. Don Stevens. Says:

    Enjoyed the comments on Crest, and thought I’d chip in. I do enjoy a small glass of Crest whilst watching films, and I find that drinknig it like the Geordies drink Newcastle Brown is the best way. I use a whisky tumbler, keep the can in thwe dridge, and pour into the tumbler, a third of the can. I then sip the beverage, like a vodka or a whisky, allowing it to play on the tongue, the experience is wonderful, you can pick out the different notes in the liquid, and, as you are treating it like a spirit, the pleasure is tangible. Most golks chug it from the can, and totally miss the flavour. Oh, and keep in the coldest part of your fridge 24 hours before drinking, it seems to bring the maltiness to the fore. Cheers 🙂

  43. Scotty Says:

    I’ve been drinking these super strength lagers/ciders for a few years now (roughly 10). I have tried all mentioned above and more with the exception of crest.
    I like to enjoy maybe 1-2 a week, mostly on the way out with my mates. I like to drink them especially if i’m going somewhere like central London where the drinks can be expensive.
    They definately get you ‘on the level’ in a short space of time. As long as you know your limits. Some people drink one and that’s enough, some drink two followed by normal beers. Obviously if your drinking upto 8 plus daily then you have serious issues. I totally understand why people that are on the streets for long periods or homeless constantly drink the stuff as it can act as an extra layer of clothing in winter. Many times drinks like these have saved me from the cold after venturing out for a night of drinking somewhere random, only being equipt with a thin t-shirt.
    As long as you can have breaks from drinking now and then you don’t have a problem.
    What annoys me is the stigma that is attached to these drinks. Not everybody that drinks them are tramps or bums. Some people that occasionally enjoy these drinks do have normal jobs and do have normal lives functioning perfectly normally.
    If you have developed a taste for these stronger lagers then it can dampen your taste for normal lagers which range from 3-6% vol al. Once you have benn drinking these for a while you get used to them.
    Anyways, enjoyed reading these comments. Was interesting hearing other people’s views.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Crest 10% tastes horrible, just horrible. However, it is 10% of something by volume. That something is pure beauty.

    You might be looking for mischeif, with no clear plan. Kicked out of Hamptons for too much sass dance to Trooper, the Jaguar is full of beach volleyball jerks, bubble hockey at Rico’s is broken, and it’s still hours before you stumble into the warm bossom of the Winchester Arms. What to do? You know. Head to the liquor store for some pure beaty. Escort it out to the bluffs, or to a spot off of Guelph Line? It’s all magic.

  45. Stephen gandy Says:

    Do not not even bother to read above. The drink is very palatable and goes down better than a second hand pro LOL. Seriously the beer is not like many supers with a tinny after taste. It really has a lovely flavour to it. It really makes me feel ace.

    What you have to consider is that for 5.50 pounds of English Money you can have a good time. It is very cheap 1.40 a can or 5.50 for four.


  46. Richard Says:

    The posh alternative is trappistes rochefort, but i agree with Stephen gandy, there’s nothing wrong with the taste, a strong beer is a strong beer, expect something different.
    This is a good excuse to mug a street dweller.

  47. chitface nz Says:

    hi there im aregular crest drink =3t0 4 cans a day and i like it i wouldnt drink any other beer what i do is tip a third out and put ginger beer in i like it and hate when the shops run out the got to keep stocked up

  48. James Saint John Smythe Says:

    What a bunch of common low born degenerates you are.

    I like a half measure of Dom Romane Conti in the afternoon about six-ish or we take a finest bottle of Rothschild Paulliac vintage when we go boating on my private yacht.

    You low born commoners have no idea of etiquette or cultivation or how to present oneselves, you are a disgrace to our once fine nation.

    If I caught any of you on my land with your cheap antics I’d take no hesitation in blasting you off with my jolly old shotgun.

    I bid you good day.

  49. nick granton Says:

    I have 1 can of crest everyday and it does the job but you have to down it quickly

  50. tom Says:

    I LUV IT!
    But it it makes me very hostile, I wanna find a mongwall pikey and kick the shit out of him.
    PALACE fan 😉

    • Anonymous Says:

      What a hilarious site! Beer drinkers are far more funny, literate and global than the posters on sites.

  51. Ralph Says:

    Sorry mate. I’m in New Zealand. And we have a good selection of over 7 percent brews available. However, for the same price, or slightly more, the Crest rises above the murky crown of its competitors. For one, it’s 10 percent. For another, it taste’s pretty good (not sure about the tramp juice/ gobstopper/ raleigh twenty tube gapper comparisons). And for many others, it provides a simple anaesthetic to the horrors of modern day intercourse.
    Well done Crest Industry – it’s this sort of empirical thinking that made the mother country great.

  52. Ralph Says:

    Ohhhh. Just read above that it cost five pounds in the UK. Here in NZ it cost just two pounds. Thank you all you currency fags.

  53. Ralph Says:

    Last comment – after many cans – myself and my freind, ‘The Tramp’, have decided that as well as allcool, there must be some synthetic upper that even Lance Armstrong may have turned down.

  54. clarkyb Says:

    I used to get crest super a while back there well sick wish i could still get them now. An they were only a dollar too. Off to kenninton it is ))

  55. Michae v Munro Says:

    Hi, I was a street drinker in Worthing for 2years,not proud but housing is a big problem.Always going for the cheapest deal,the best most of us thought, was frosty jack a cider with 7.5% the bottle being 5.3 pints capacity.Cheap and nasty lasting the day for about £3+.When we heard that 4+ “tramps”had died through drinking cider {don`t forget there are 50+ different named brands none have ever seen an apple,being full of sulphides} beer or to the seasoned drinkers cheap Sherry was the option to take.Carlsberg special 9.5 was a luxury until the proof dropped to 9% the flavour went.So Kestrel,Tennants super,Skol super to name but three of the very “strong” lagers.Most of these were drunk during the day[pubs only in”Happy Hour” if payday] BUT when it comes to get a good night`s sleep
    CREST is the baby to knock spots off anything.In March 2012 news had it that prices were to rise according to %proof so i ordered 50pallets [24cans to a pallet] so1200 cans of Kestrel,but they were out of stock, would i take CREST for the same price !! YES within a millisec mix with lemonade for a shandy.I still Have 7pallets left and will be reordering soon. CREST IS THE BEST.

  56. jneil Says:

    Crest super I love it. Better than the other super beers.

  57. tony Says:

    I prefer strong lager because I like the effect of alcohol but I dont like the quantity. I’ve drunk stronger lagers on the Continent for the same reason. My son bought me some Crest today to watch England win against France and I thought it was very drinkable. Nice taste, colour and strength. I dont know the price because he is a good well trained lad. Everybody has their opinion but I thought the initial reviewer went against everything I thought

  58. Gabe Says:

    me and my friends drank crest super throughout high school. it was a good beer to down fast and get smashed fast. I’m older now and I can’t drink beer all night cause it makes me sick. but I can have one can of crest, get drunk, and have a nice buzz for the night without having to consume lost of beers. I rate it it 10 out of 10..I have switched over to FAXE 10% though. it has a better taste more consistently. with crest you might run into a good brew one day and the next can tastes like crap.

  59. porkus Says:

    Needs to be sipped COLD. I ended up drinkin it like a short. Keepin the cans in fridge and porin out 4/5 glasses per can. 2 cans a night was spot on. Merry but not pissed

    • canman99 Says:

      Finished work at 7am. Went to Supermarket. Paid my $5.00. Checked my inbox. Low and Behold !!! The reviews keep coming.
      Buzzed out and still 1/3 of a can to go. God Blessed The Crest.!!!!

  60. Anonymous Says:

    I used to drink 10 cans of crest a day. then when I started working it was 5 or 6 a night. I am in my forties now and just drink 5 cans every Friday night.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Like somebody else said it is nice to have the alcohol without the volume

  62. Captain Bob Says:

    I don’t drink very often, maybe 2 cans of Foster’s a week if that.

    I think Crest Super is my favourite beer. Drinking a can maybe once a fortnight on a Friday or Saturday night is very nice. The nearest shop to me that sells it is a polish grocery store about 15 miles away, but it is well worth it.

    You are correct in drinking it very cold, and i sometimes lob some lime cordial into the thing to take the bitter edge off.

    CREST SUPER really is super!

    • Captain Bob Says:

      No seriously,

      Crest Super is awesome!

      Everybody who says bad things Crest Super is a wanker.

      Party on ravers!
      Captain Bob on me pirate boat!

      I am from England,
      Where on Earth are you from?
      Where you come from,
      Do they put the kettle on?

  63. GT Says:

    I just became aware of Crest via watching Benefits Street and a Google search brought me to this page. Tremendous review – keep up the good work.

  64. Elliot Flowers Says:

    I went to the supermarket on pay day (7 miles away) and bought 4 cans of Crest Super. They were chilled already, so I opened one in the car while I was still parked. I had a good sip, followed by a gentle glug. The radio suddenly started to sound really good. I turned up the volume a bit, and took a long, deep drink from the aluminium can in my grasp. The grey of the concrete looked strangely beautifull in the dull light of a closing day. An old lady pushing a pram emmitted an air of beatifull majesty. I had another long gulp. What was this world I had suddenly found myself in, had I been here before, what fantastic door had I opened?

    Three days later I woke up 200 miles away from my home, naked and in a sauna with an Indian gardener. All my money was gone, as had my car. I still had half a can of Crest in my grasp. I took a sip…

  65. troopadoor Says:

    Lmfao. I looked up Crest after seeing one of those scumbags on Benefits Street slurping a can to see how strong it was. Enjoyed reading the previous comments. I shall not be trying it. I will stick to Murphy’s or Guinness 🙂

  66. clint Says:

    have been drinking XJ Super 9% lately but reading the reviews i am buying a 4 pack of Crest tomorrow. 5 pound for 4 & 500 ml..

  67. Sanders Says:

    Chat patties mate, crest is bare scrumptious

    • Anonymous Says:

      i was pleasantly surprised with this brew colour dull orange,smell potent,i drank it super chilled left it in the freezer for 20 mins, i sunk 5 cans 500ml,hangover from hell but i get that with all super strength lager, at 5 pound for 4 cans i will be drinking this brew again 4 sure..7-10.

  68. Spurs67 Says:

    I love Crest I used to be a 6 cans of Stella a night man, moved onto 3 cans of special brew and then discovered Crest, one or two cans at £1.30 each chills me out after a hard day at work.. my problem is I cant find a shop that sells it anymore, I work in North West London and live in South west london, i used to buy it easily in the independant shops in Greenford and Wembley but now they cant get hold of it from their suppliers. i did grab a can in Hackney the other week but thats too far for me, I was actually searching for a location to buy it when i came across this blog.. by the way although i may be bordering on being an alcoholic im far from a homeless tramp I drink strong lagers and JD and hold down a high profile job

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Ive gotten sick everytime ive consumed crest. third times was the charm…. no more

    • Cresty Says:

      After my liver failed, I was told I couldn’t drink any more alcohool. But the a sports representative sent me a Doctors appraisal that deemed Crest safe to drink from a can. And I am living proof.
      Of what he didn’t tell me.
      Crest…rhymes with liver failure….

    • michael v munro Says:


  70. Debz Says:

    My otherwise fairly respectable other half half drinks Crest-only a couple a night, tops-sometimes just one. Occasionally 3 or 4!!! He won’t stop drinking it. Why? Because in his words’it tastes too nice!’ (yup! it’s 5 units-ban in a can-half a can even!) The guy from a local offy ‘orders’ him a case-around £1.50 a can now (no questions asked!) every couple of wks. Prob cheaper than him drinking other lower alcohol alternatives. At first i thought they were fake as it has been banned from sale in the uk for a number of years now in an ettempt at stopping binge-drinking! But it seems it’s still being produced, strictly for export only and when you’re able to buy it it’s either stolen or smuggled! They’re working at getting the alcohol content in the beers reduced via a lower taxation and i believe this means all super-strong beers such as Crest Special Brew will either disappear off the shelves or have the abv lowered. Unfortunately nick-named ‘Tramp juice’ as many homeless people and alcoholics find it the quickest way to blot it all out, it does get a bad name. However when they can’t buy this, does the government think they’ll just say ‘Hey ho, no worries…i’ll just have 2 cans of Carling instead!? Lol. No they’ll just kill themselves faster with chemical ciders. In my opinion, the drink-binge culture-particularly the young people (where/when it starts is where the problem needs addressing) is not rife with Special Brew or Crest drinkers much as the average Pinotage-quaffer is not found stagggering up Birmingham’s Broad Street on a Saturday night. Chemical ciders, chemical based liqueur-spirit shots, Lambrini, alco-pops and anything else so syruppy-tasting it hides the chemicals & alcohol is what’s killing our kids! Above a poster, Michaae v monroe who formerly lived on the streets made the informed choice to drink a strong beer rather than this chemical shite! which only goes to show we shouldn’t judge. How many pay cheques away are any of us if our support network isn’t there? i digress….

  71. Bryan Says:

    In 1999 my friends and I would purchase this at the LCBO beer store in Cornwall Ontario, kicked our asses every time (purchased by the case).

  72. Hemi Says:

    I see the Kiwi’s appreciate a good beer when they drink one. Crest is not as bad as people think it is and all I can say is try Atlas, I dare you.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Bring 10% crest back

  74. Elliot Flour Says:

    Crest have released a limited edition ‘Level 4’ brew. Blows all the virus’s away at a lung gurgling 11.1%!

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