Snack Food Review: MS Authentic Black Country Traditional Pork Scratchings

BOTH bags of pork scratchings that I’ve tried so far have been from Mr. Porky. And both have been excellent. But they’re not the only pork in town. Here is a bag of MS Traditional Pork Scratchings from a convenience store on Brick Lane.

MS Authentic Black Country Pork Snacks Traditional Pork Scratchings front

The MS name at the top has a border with words describing it as “Authentic Black Country Pork Snacks”. To hammer home the point, most of the bag is coloured black. Under the window into the bag’s contents, are the reassuring words “Finest quality Hand cooked Seasoned Pork Rind”. I don’t know about you, but the words “Traditional” and “Hand cooked” are making me salivate.

MS Authentic Black Country Pork Snacks Traditional Pork Scratchings back of bag

The back of the bag has lots of information on it. It opens with the list of ingredients which, happily, starts with pork rinds. Less happily for your heart, the second ingredient is salt. There are lots of other ingredients, some natural, some not, but all too boring to list here.

Helpfully, they have allergy advice. And there’s a big table of nutritional information. But unless you want to shock yourself with the huge fat and sodium figures, it’s best not to read it.

On the other column is the few sentences you want to read. They tell us that they’ve been making these pork scratchings for over 25 years. And that they use an “Authentic Black Country recipe”. Also making an appearance is that familiar warning that it is “Only Recommended For People With Strong Healthy Teetch”. Sound advice indeed for this kind of snack.

Also on the back of the bag, they tease you with a hint of another, probably tasty snack “Try our Authentic Black Country Pork Crunch”. Darn, that’s another snack I’ve got to look out for. If you find it before I do, leave a comment letting me know what it’s like.

The label closes with their “Heart of the Black Country” postal address. An address of Midland Snacks Limited in Wolverhampton. Apparently the Internet hasn’t reached that corner of the Black Country yet as they have no website or email address.

What are MS Traditional Pork Scratchings like? How do they compare to the Mr. Porky I’ve tried so far? I’m looking forward to finding out.

MS Authentic Black Country Pork Snacks Traditional Pork Scratchings open bag

First impressions are that these a big pieces. Maybe even bigger than Mr. Porky Prime Cut. But, like Prime Cut, there’s a variety of big and small. Somehow, these don’t look as dusty. In fact, they don’t look as well done. They look a little less crispy.

To eat, the taste is a pleasant porky seasoning. Not too salty. There’s just a gentle taste of pork and of things like pepper which must be the seasoning.

The texture depends on what the piece you eat happens to look like. If it’s a small and crinkly bit, it will be like chewing on gravel. Pick up a bigger piece, and it’s like eating some fresh, chewy pork with a crunchy top. And that seems to be what MS Traditional Pork Scratchings are about.

What am I enjoying about MS Authentic Black Country Traditional Pork Scratchings? I like how different they are to the competition. These have a decent sized chuck of regular pork attached to a decent sized layer of crunchy rind. All of which tastes good and isn’t like pouring a sachet of salt into your mouth. I also like how easy they are on the teeth compared to some of the competition.

What don’t I like about MS Traditional Pork Scratchings? They’re hard to find down here. Who know if I’ll ever get to try their Pork Crunch. Some people might object to the non-crunchy bit of the rind. Not me though. I can’t even criticise them for not having many in a bag, because they’ve compensated by having a lager than-you’d-expect bag. If you genuinely like pork scratchings, there’s like to criticise about them.

How can I sum up MS Authentic Black Country Traditional Pork Scratching? They are an excellent snack. If the strong saltiness or gravel-like texture of other pork scratchings puts you off, then try these. As far as I can tell, they are the real ale of the pork scratchings world.

Manufacturers, if you can top these, then get in touch. If you’ve tried MS Traditional Pork Scratchings, do please leave your opinions, corrections, requests, recommendations and places to buy here in the comments.

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18 Responses to “Snack Food Review: MS Authentic Black Country Traditional Pork Scratchings”

  1. isabella kent Says:

    please can u tell me where i can get pork crunch i live in colchester essex i realy need to get them i can eat 2 bags a night please help

  2. t jefferies Says:

    where can i get scratchings i live in uxbridge middx

  3. philip rolls Says:

    hi ace pub supplies has just won an award for its pork scratchings
    see can we send you some samples regards phil

  4. michael davies Says:

    I have eaten pork scratchings for years and love them i have recently discovered m s scratchings and they are the nicest i have ever found,keep up the quality and you have a customer for life.

  5. Jan Says:

    Hi is possible to order some of yours packets of porky oversea..Thx

  6. gobblygook Says:

    i am addicted to pork scratchings and i carve hogs for a living .
    i always find the ms scratchings to be the best , the corract amount of soft fat and a thin crunch , pork crunch is very salty and very morish .
    im eating a bag now and i want to buy in bulk so off i hunt .
    p.s mr porky is just to hard and difficult to bite through

  7. m.burch Says:

    almost as good as my late grandpa’s,and thats saying something.there is only one place in bermuda that sell them,if you don’t get them when they first come in your out of luck1 we love them.

  8. Tim Says:

    i just tried these and thought they were disgusting, i love pork scratchings and minutes before i had some pork crunch (golden pork crunch) but these were possibly the worse i have ever tasted, so dissapointed 😦

  9. Kevin Says:

    In that case Tim…you are not really a scratchings afficionado. MS are the closest you can buy to traditional butchers scratchings from the late 50’s early 60’s. Most of the contemporary scratchings are a sanitised version of real scratchings, especially Mr Porky & other ‘supermarket pork snacks’.

  10. rachel robertson Says:

    I chipped a tooth eatin your pork scratchings and now its goin to cost 80 pound to repair!!!!!

  11. Pork Scratching Says:

    I always take snacks with Tea or Coffee everyday to get instant energy during working time in office.

  12. womblespeak Says:

    THE best Pork Scratchings you will ever eat.
    Lovely combination of soft inside and hard crusty outside with wonderful flavouring.
    It’s perfect…really.

  13. Mr Raymond Gemal Says:

    Please let me know the price of Black country traditional
    pork scratching and if it in Brick lane London

  14. Ben Says:

    we have just taken over a pub in dordon and what to stock you scratcings!help!

  15. Christopher loveridge Says:

    Had a packet ov scratchings and wasn’t happy with the mould that was there kept packet

  16. Paul Says:

    Best Pork Scratchings I have eaten, but hard to find at a decent price. Tesco *did* sell them, but no more it seems. I will be getting two sheets worth (24) at my next beer festival visit. 🙂

  17. muriel mccubbin Says:

    bought 3 pkts of these scratching and 1 st bag tasted of paint so opened 2 nd bag and that tasted the same disgusting buy these often but never tasted like this before

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