Snack Food Review: Steinhauer Oгурчики чесночнЬіе (Salted Pickled Cucumbers (Gherkins))

IT’S been months since I did one of these. But I know from the comments that at least one of you out there likes reading about pickle cucumbers and gherkins, and is looking for that elusive perfect pickle. So for that one lonely person, and myself, here is a super quick review of Steinhauer Oгурчики чесночнЬіе, which I think, transliterates as Steinhauer Ogurgicky Chesnochnia something or other. If you know your Cyrillic, do please leave your proper translations in the comments at the end of the post.

I bought this jar at the Brick Lane Sunday market in London’s East-End for £1.70 pence. Why did I choose this one? The Cyrillic writing on the label. That’s how you know you’re getting real East-European food.

The left-hand-side of the label reveals what I can call them until my Cyrillic improves.

Under The English language section, they’re called “Salted cucumbers with garlic”. Not much else of note. Mostly a list of herbs and leaves that mean little to me. Plus the address of the East-London based importer, Monolith-UK Ltd.

Over on the right are a few more small-print details.

The net weight is on top, followed by the drained weight. All you need to know is that when full, it’s a big, heavy jar. Not massive. Just big.

There’s also an address and a web address of It’s also worrying. That’s a big, German importer. And I can’t find anywhere that says where this jar came from. Sure, it has some Cyrillic. But it also has the very Germanic name Steinhauer. I’m beginning to suspect that these are more Bavarian than Bulgarian.

Regarless of that, they could still be good. So, what do they look, smell and taste like? Let’s find out.

What do they look like? They look like cucumbers. Small-ish.

What do they smell like? Not bad. Excellent, in fact. It smells of all sorts of herbs. Best smelling pickles I’ve tried yet.

What do they taste like? They’re salted cucumbers. They taste salty. Luckily, not too salty. Instead, being quite mild and easy to eat. You can taste a hint of those herbs and garlic as well. More good news is that they’re fresh and crunchy.

To sum up, Steinhauer Salted Cucumbers with Garlic are not bad. If you like salted cucumbers, they’re the best I’ve tried so far. I’ll go for the sweeter variety next time though. Are they the perfect pickle? They’re good, but not quite perfect.

Have you tried them? What do you think? Do please leave your translations, corrections, places to buy and anything else you want to share with the world, here in the comments.

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4 Responses to “Snack Food Review: Steinhauer Oгурчики чесночнЬіе (Salted Pickled Cucumbers (Gherkins))”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    God, that sounds delicious.

    I for one love these weird foods reviews so keep em coming

  2. Helena Says:

    Yesterday I bought two jars of Steinhauer products: gherkins in light brine (Ogurchiki malosoniye) and Pickled whole tomatoes (Pomodory koservirovaniye “Ogonyok”) – my soul food, so to speak.
    Both products tured out to be so good, I started looking for the producer – to find out where did they produce it. Somewhere I found a Bulgarian address, but obviously both gherkins and tomatoes are meant to be for the Russian market.
    I’ll tell you this. I consider myself an expert on both, having tried every jar of pickled vegetables that I can lay my hand on. And I think that Steinhauer are the closest to the good home made gherkins and tomatoes. The brine is so light and delicate, the spices are very proper, the quality of the whole product is superb.
    I will certainly check their other products next time I visit my Russian store in South Ealing in London.
    I finished both jars in just 24 hours 😳 😳 :ooops:

  3. paulmacca Says:

    Hi Hywel, thanks for your review of the pickles. I found your site as I am writing a post about Wells Bombadier Gold. Your reviews are much more indepth than I can manage at the moment but with time hopefully mine should get better. I’ve added a link to your blog from mine it’s the first time I have learnt to do this so I am pleased. I spent my time in London looking for the perfect fry up so can appreciate your quest for the perfect pickle.

  4. Sam Says:

    If you are looking for the perfect pickle… have you reviewed Claussen? Great pickles. They have a variety to choose from “Hearty Garlic Whole Pickles”, “Hearty Garlic Sandwich Slices”, “Half Sour New York Deli Style Whole Pickles ” and so on and so forth.

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