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Snack Food Review: Baktat Pickled Gherkins

5 January, 2009

CYPRESSA GHERKINS were some of the most mediocre pickles I’ve tried. They were as tasty, tangy and crunchy as daffodils. Let’s see is Baktat Pickled Gherkins can do any better.

Baktat Pickled Gherkins jar

This 24.3oz (690g) jar is a chubby looking thing.

On one side of the label is a whole table of boring “Nutrition Facts”.

Baktat Pickled Gherkins nutrition information

And the other side has the ingredients and importer. Where we learn that these pickled gherkins come from Turkey. As they would do since I bought it from Turkish owned corner shop Bethnal Green Food Center. Then again, nearly every corner shop in Bethnal Green is Turkish, so finding food that isn’t, is a challenge.

Baktat Pickled Gherkins barcode

Are Baktat Pickled Gherkins the gherkins and snack food you should buy? Let’s find out if they are.

Baktat Pickled Gherkins open jar

Baktat Pickled Gherkins

Baktat Pickled Gherkins

Without many pieces of garlic, peppercorns and other odds and ends they look clean and delicious. And mostly, they are. Not the largest pickles you can get in a jar. But if dill cucumbers are too small for you, these might not be.

The crunchiness is a vast improvement on Cypressa’s floppy gherkins. It’s got tanginess. But not a lot of it. What it has got is an interesting taste. Baktat Pickled Gherkins are spicy. Not chilli-sauce spicy. Just spicier than a salad sandwich. What you notice most however, is how salty it is. And so it should be when you consider that salt takes the lead over vinegar in the ingredients list.

These are crunchy, spicy, salty pickled gherkins. Fine if that’s what you want. Did I enjoy them? They’re better than Cypressa Gherkins, I’ll give you that. But for me, they’re too salty. Baktat, reduce the salt and increase the vinegar and these will be superb. As it is, Baktat Pickled Gherkins are like eating a cucumber that’s been preserved in the Mediterranean instead of a jar.

Have you tried Baktat Pickled Gherkins? Have you got any opinions, corrections, requests or recommendations? Are you the importer or manufacturer? Then do please leave a comment here.

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