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Snack Food Review: Cypressa Gherkins

17 December, 2008

DESPITE growing up in Pembrokeshire, I’ve always loved pickled gherkins. That’s a bit like someone in Turkey having a love of gravy. Whatever the reason, and whatever your own origins, the preserved condiments make outstanding snacks.

But what makes a good pickle? Pondering this question for nearly twelve seconds led me to the decision that a good pickle needs to be:

  • Tasty
  • Tangy
  • And crunchy

Most corner shops and supermarkets here in the UK have jars of Mrs Elswood brand pickles. And they’re perfectly fine. But, regular readers will know that I like to see what else is on the shop shelves. Helping me in this quest is London with its shops catering for every single nationality.

Where do we begin? With a jar of Cypressa Gherkins purchased for £1.29 pence from Anisha Cash & Carry on Redchurch Street in Bethnal Green.

Cypressa Gherkins

The ingredients are gherkins, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, sill, mustard seeds, onion, and flavourings. Is any of that relevant? I don’t know my types of pickle well enough. If you think any of that is important, leave a message at the end of this post.

The Wikipedia page on Pickled Cucumber at does make it look like this is Polish style picked cucumbers. Can anyone confirm that? Messages at the bottom of this post please.

What else can I tell you? Well, it has a 680 gram net weights and a 370 gram drained weight. It was imported into this country by Katsouris Brothers Ltd. And it is the product of Turkey. Which must be why they’re laying claim to the “Cypress” part of the “Cypressa” name.

Cypressa Gherkins

But, are they any good? Let’s open it and find out.

Cypressa Gherkins

Even with vinegar as one of the main ingredients, you can hardly taste it. It tastes more of salty water. But even that’s not very strong.

Cypressa Gherkins

Cypressa Gherkins

Are they tasty? Not very. There’s almost no flavour. They’re nearly plain old dill cucumbers that just happen to be floating in a jar.

Are they tangy? Surprisingly, no. They’re a tiny bit tangy, but nothing more.

Are they crunchy? There’s a minimum level of crunchiness. They’re not chewy. Just adequate in crunchiness.

Cypressa Gherkins seem to be all about providing the least flavoured pickled dill possible. That might be great for some recipes and sandwiches. But I want more flavour. Buy them if you want a gentle experience and almost no taste. Otherwise, pick up a different jar the next time you visit the shops.

And so ends my first review of a jar of pickled gherkins. What did you think? Have you tried Cypressa Gherkins? Is there anything you want me to look out for next time? Leave your corrections, opinions, requests, recommendations and places to buy in the boxes below.

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