Beer Review: Lech Premium

Third and final stop (for now) on my Polish beer exploration brings me to Lech Premium.
Bottle of Lech Premium

Lech comes in a green bottle with a green label that gives it a striking appearance. Especially when compared to the very similar looking and tasting Tyskie and Zywiec. Just like them however, the rear label is a baffling block of text.
Lech Premium back label

Careful examination of that block revealed the ingredients as being water, malt and hops. Nothing special there. This must be a lager beer, ever though it doesn’t explicitly say so.

Also on the label is indication of the 5.2% volume. That makes it weaker than it’s Polish compatriots. Oddly, Lech, in bottle form, appears only to be available in 500 millilitre quantities. The same as Tyskie and Zywiec. Is there a reason for all these Polish beers only retailing in this large size of bottle?

The front label, I think is quite well designed. It keeps things clear and simple and has an intriguing shield logo. Are those rams or goats on it?
Lech Premium front label

Once poured into a pint glass, there wasn’t much head to speak of. The colour did confirm the lager hypothesis.
Lech Premium in a glass

There is a weak smell of malt and hops. Not a strong smell, but one that speaks of a quiet quality. The flavour isn’t strong in much the same way as Tyskie and Zywiec weren’t what you would call full bodied. The slight bitterness and sourness are there, but with Lech, they aren’t as ‘rough’ or as ‘sharp’. And that makes Lech even easier to drink.

Lech was surprisingly gentle and pleasant. I found it to be a very enjoyable and pleasant lager. And I’m not even a fan of lagers. Well worth a try if you find it on sale.

Rating: 3.75

Have you tried Lech? What did you think of it? Leave your thought in the comments.

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22 Responses to “Beer Review: Lech Premium”

  1. papaja1992 Says:

    I’ve never tried it , but I live in Poznań where this beer is produced.

    I have an answer for your question about size of polish bottles:
    I’m not proud of it, but in Poland (especially east) there’s a custom not to *taste* beer, but to *get drunk with it*. Normally they use vodka for that purpose, but when they use beer – they don’t want to return to the shop (in order to buy more beer) too frequently.
    Second reason is that typical Pole is far more ‘alcohol resistant’ than most European citizens and has to drink more 😉

    I say once again I’m not proud of it, but it’s Polish reality 😛

    • Tom Says:

      Ok mate, that’s straight bullshit… i live in Konin located approx. 100km from Poznań, and just yesterday i saw a six pack of 330ml lech premium, and yes it is “a custom to get drunk with beer” here, but not for everybody so don’t add another stereotype to us Poles…

  2. Mottel Says:

    Go for Okociem OK -the best of the Polish Pils in my humble opinion.

  3. Al Says:

    My favourite beer her in Canada. Got just a little aftertaste that makes it work. Lots of body.

    • Morocho Says:

      Here’s my original email, sent to Heineken USA last night:I lived in Greece years ago, and enoyjed REGULAR Amstel not the Amstel Lightavailable in the United States. I’ve scoured the web trying to find a sourcefor ordering REGULAR Amstel Lager but have been unsuccessful.Is there ANY way or any place to acquire this SUPERIOR beer for us Americans,without having to fly to Europe? Thanks,Chris GkikasI received a very polite and prompt response just now, and asked the followup question of WHY regular Amstel isn’t imported, or why it’s impossible to get it:Dear Chris:Thank you for your recent email message. We appreciate you taking time to contact us regarding our company and our products. Amstel is not available in the United States and Heineken only sells their products directly to distributors. Unfortunately, there would be no way for you to order this.Thank you for your interest in Heineken USA.Kind Regards,LindaHeineken USA

  4. Tim Says:

    well Polish cant drink more then the dutch ^^
    we won the drinking contest at the exchange of our scools

    i like the taste to be honest its nearly as good as heineken 🙂

  5. dho Says:

    just like you said – i tried it after drinking red wine – and it was surprisingly pleasant – mellow almost – a real easy drinking lager… which may sound like a bad thing – but its not- its exceptionally well balanced.

  6. BeerGuy Says:

    LECH tastes like carbonated water. Try Perla from the Lubelskie Region of Poland, it’s got a great rich taste. Zywiec is also pretty good.

  7. BeerGuy Says:

    Okocim Mocne (strong) will put hair on your chest

  8. Sophie Brook Says:

    I’ve just moved into a new flat and my polish neighbours knocked on my door at 11pm and handed me a beer with the words “I am a different person now, this beer is from my city, its the best beer” lol nice one! I like it, its a tasty lager!

  9. Sophie Brook Says:

    p.s It was Lech that they gave me.

  10. mark Says:

    3 for the price of 2 in Tesco!
    At £1.38 for 500ml I had to give it a go and my only regret was that I didn’t buy more. Absolutely tip top smooth, mellow lager.
    Will definitely drink it again.

  11. billy boy Says:

    lech is a great beer and i drink it all the time with my polish girl freind but she like zywiec better yeh but lech is reamo

  12. Dave Says:

    Lech is a very easy beer to drink, I would recommend it. As my Polish mates would say “dobrze piwo” good beer.

  13. mmmmmmmm Says:

    Can’t stand Lech…..

  14. Anonymous Says:

    just got drinking lech in our local wetherspons its fab

  15. shplumbing Says:

    Very cheaply sold down the local Londis in Ifield, like the can design so picked up 8 can so as to try my luck. I had two cans on my drive home which is approximately 1 mile and in that short journey I got a real taste for this polish liquid gold. The reaming six cans were drunken in the garden and by the end of the last can I could not speak, was covered in vomit and was found by my wife the next morning covered in plants and compost laying facedown in the flower bed.
    In conclusion, this cheeky little polish number is quite well balanced with a hoppy finish and citrus notes and I will be heading back to my local londis for some more.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I would Say,,, Lech King of BEERS…

  17. Allan Says:

    The Lech….pleasantly surprised,,,smooth finish,,no odd aftertaste,,I recommend it,,,,as good as Austria s Steigl or the German DAB,,,,

  18. Anonymous Says:

    I bought my first bottle on a whim, an import to the US. The alcohol content is listed as 4.09, a little less for European imports here. It has a very good taste, and contrary to the article above, it kept a decent head in a glass mug.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Light refreshing beer 👍

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